I ran the Rock the House 8K in Fairfax this past Sunday in an attempt to break my old 8K PR. I was pretty sure based on how I have been running recently that I could do it. I set a layer of goals for myself – that way I’d be happy no matter what. Goal #1 – PR. Goal #2 – run under 35:34 – McMillian’s running calculator estimated this is what I could run based on my 10K from the weekend before. Goal #3 – run under 35 minutes since my husband told me there was no reason why I couldn’t do this. Goal #4 – I wanted to have a race where I averaged something under 7 min per pile pace – I needed a 34:45 for this. My overall time was a 35:19 – my previous PR was 38:05 – so I accomplished goal #1 – I went under 35:34 – Goal #2 – but missed the last two. I was 6th overall and first in my age group! Needless to say I’m on cloud nine today. This was my fastest average pace and my highest finish in a race thus far!

While standing at the awards ceremony I was chatting with a co-worker of a friend. She said to me “so do you win all the time?” Seriously I had a good laugh at that one! NO I don’t.

I thought about this more on the way home from the race.

When I younger I never played sports. My one attempt at anything related to sports growing up was the FPYC Spaghetti O’s soccer team. I’m pretty sure I handed out more oranges than anyone else on that team – I should have been the water girl.

I once told my husband that the only sport I was good at when I was little was dodge ball – to which he said – EVERYONE is good a dodge ball. When classmates picked teams for kickball at recess I was always one of the last picked – not because I couldn’t run – I could – but because I was horrible at kicking the ball. In my adult years I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe I don’t have the best hand/eye/hand/foot coordination – This is what I’m using as my excuse.

I played soccer and lacrosse Freshman and Sophmore year of highschool. I went to a private school where in order to graduate you had to play six seasons of sports. If it weren’t for this requirement I can assure you I would have never tried to play either. My last two years of highschool I went to a public school. My senior year I tried out for the soccer team. When the day arrived where the coaches posted whether you made the varsity team or made jv – my name was on neither list. The coaches told me I was too old to be on the jv team. They wanted the open spots on varsity to go to people who could play for more than one season. They really liked my work ethic and how hard I tried so they wanted me to be on the practice squad(I think they made this up just for me). They wanted me to come to the games and encourage the other girls. That was a dagger to my already fragile highschool self esteem.

What my story is trying to say is that the reason I talk about my times, the reason I encourage myself – is because this is the first time in my life I feel like I am good at something “sporty” – I finally consider myself an athlete.

I’m a runner – not a jogger – not a girl who runs – I’m finally a freaking runner and I’m proud of it.

*sidenote* – My friend Karen came in 9th place, Andrea – a friend who I know through See Mommy Run came in 10th, and Kate(Karen’s sister in law) came in 16th!! Awesome job ladies – we were all in the TOP 20!!!

Shoot for the stars so if you fall you land on the clouds” – Kanye


  1. Karen and Kevin says:

    you certainly are a freaking runner! haha. thanks for the shoutout, it was really fun racing with you :)

  2. runnerinsight says:

    you are an amazing runner indeed! ; ) keep it up! Let the fire burn within!

  3. Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal says:

    Thank you runnerinsight! I would have to say though that you are more amazing than I. What a challenge you have overcome!!

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