Earlier this week Chloe and I headed to Road Runner Sports to try on some new running shoes and get professionally fit. The last time I remember having someone look at the way I run was long before I had kids!

I worked at specialty running store, during college and for a little while after I graduated. At that store we fit individuals by watching them run up a down a little in store track or going outside with them and watching them run on the sidewalk.

I was always skeptical of being fit by someone who had watched me run on a treadmill because I assumed my gait was different on the treadmill so I was curious what Road Runner Sports was going to tell me during the Shoe Dog experience. Would it be in line with what I already thought/knew or would they tell me something completely new? And who knows maybe a thing or two have changed in my post pregnancy body.

The entire fitting process was a breeze, it took no more than 15 minutes and I was really shocked at how accurate it was! {Chloe was my mini photog – I think based on this photo I randomly found on my phone, she could use a new pair of crocs – so dirty!}


The fit expert started off my measuring my feet to see if I was indeed in the correct size – I was – but learned that I probably could wear a wide running shoe if I wanted to. The regular width in shoes feels pretty good to me, so I see no reason to switch unless I run into some problems down the road.

We then moved to a little pad that measures the pressure placed on both feet and helps you take a look at your arches or lack thereof.

After that he then had me run barefoot on the treadmill at a pace that would be average for me. The cameras located behind me captured what was going on with my feet.

Watching the playback looked painful! So strange to see yourself running from behind.


My left foot is very stable and is completely neutral, my right foot has a bit of flexibility but still is in the neutral range. When he took a look at the pressure on both legs he noticed that I place more on my right foot. When I run my right leg always feels like it’s doing all the work and the left is along for the ride – so this was interesting to watch and have confirmed that YES my legs are doing different things.


You fit to the neutral foot, meaning that I wouldn’t want a shoe with any stability that would correct one leg/foot but would then cause an issue in another.

On screen there was no pressure placed on my arches because they are high. The main issue I run into in running shoes is if there isn’t enough arch support, my arches tend to feel like they are ripping on long runs. It’s a terrible feeling so I always make sure the shoe I’m wearing has enough support or I throw in super feet to give me a customized fit.

The guys at Road Runner then moved on to making me my own customized inserts which I can already tell you feel AMAZING in my shoes. Ran 8 miles this morning on my treadmill and felt really good for the first time in a while.

Overall I liked the Shoe Dog system and felt that it was  accurate and very helpful.

I’ll share more about the customized insert process and what shoes I tried on in upcoming posts!


Have you ever shopped at a Road Runner Sports? Did you feel like the Shoe Dog process was accurate?


note: This post is part of a series of posts sponsored by Road Runner Sports.

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