Marathon training season is upon us. If you are training for a fall marathon or half marathon you have already started your training or if you are a bit of a slacker, {or possibly have a LATE fall marathon} are just now getting to it. Either way this week is the BUCKLE down week. You need to be training.

If you haven’t yet started your training you may be in the camp that is searching google daily for a training plan that will get you to the finish line. You have most likely stumbled upon Hal Higdon’s training plans and possibly thought one of two things – HOLY HECK that looks hard but I can’t find anything easier OR that looks doable – I’ll stick with this one. Yes his training plans get you to the finish line but there are a PLETHORA of other options if you are looking for free or relatively free training plans. One downside to going with a training plan you find online that doesn’t have much supporting advice, is that it UMMMMM doesn’t have much supporting advice, leaving you to search the endless amount of running websites. Those of whom often give you conflicting information on what you should and shouldn’t be doing when it comes to running or training.

If you are looking for a one stop answer for your plan, advice and even an introduction into learning how to self coach yourself then The Official Rock N Roll Guide To Marathon & Half-Marathon Training by Mario Fraioli is the book for you!

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As someone who owns no less than 60 different books on a variety of running related topics, I wasn’t sure if this book was going to offer me some different than any of the others. I can honestly say it did and if I had to go out and purchase this book on my own, I would.

The forward is by Kara Goucher {rock star mommy runner of Colton} who summed up perfectly what I feel about racing distance races.

“And, remember the thing about running distance races is that they are addictive. Maybe it’s because no matter how many races you run, each time you queue up to the start line, you are in for something new. It may be the same distance, but it’s never the same race twice. You can always strive for new goals, new personal bests, or you can set yourself new challenges to face.”

The book is broken out in to 8 chapters:

1 – Getting Started

2 – Run Training

3 – Nutrition & Hydration 101

4 – Racing

5 – Recovery

6 – Supplementary Training

7 – Injuries

8 – Training Plans

The appendix’s include:

  • Rock N Roll Courses at a Glance
  • Race Pace Chart
  • Race Equivalency Chart
  • Perceived Effort Chart
  • Sweat Loss Calculator

Getting started wasn’t that relevant to me, but at the same time it was a nice little refresher of things that I often forget that you need to know, when you are first starting out.

Run Training was one of my favorite sections of the book because it was a SLAP in the face reminder that I don’t do enough form drills, dynamic stretching and all those little things that really add up in the long run during half marathon and marathon training. Since reading this book I have incorporated in leg swings among other things to my pre-run, and post-run routines. The diagrams are easy to follow throughout the book – you won’t be left feeling like you can’t possibly do what the model is doing.

Nutrition 101 was basic and not very relevant to me right now because I am not eating the way the majority of the population does. It is important however that this section is included. You can’t fuel your body with crap for months and expect it to give you something great on race day. Nutrition CAN NOT be ignored as an important detail in a half or full marathon training plan.

Loved the sections on racing, recovery, and supplementary training. I definitely learned some new workouts and will be implementing runs he suggested.

One of the main things I stress on Mile Posts is running fast when you are supposed to be running fast and running slower when you are supposed to be running slower. So it was no surprise that I loved the little section on the warning signs of underrecovery. Fraioli gives the PERFECT advice for how to take it easy on recovery runs.

  • Nail your recovery runs. Just as you’re diligent about hitting your key workouts, be diligent about your recovery runs. As a rule, start running easy and then slow down.

{AMEN Mario}

Overall I think this book is VERY beneficial to new runners, beneficial to seasoned runners, and a nice book to have for a professional or a coach. There really is something for everyone in this book and the 12 and 16 week training plans for both beginners and experiences runners alone, make the book worth the retail cost of $18.95.

I found it for $13.83 right now on amazon {the reviews are all glowing} – AN AWESOME DEAL – I calculate most things in terms of coffee – so for the price of around 4 coffee’s at Starbucks you can have a new book that will either help you with your training or give you some rock solid training plans for your upcoming half or full marathon. Much more affordable than a $150 a month coach and better in my eyes than most of the free plans you find online.

Back Cover Blurb: {taken from Amazon}


Whether this is your first long-distance race or your fiftieth, you need to train well and finish strong. Now, with coaching advice, workouts and training plans from Coach Mario Fraioli, you’ll not only have fun training, but you’ll cross the finish line feeling great!

Coach Mario tells you everything you need to know about selecting the best gear, training smart, running strong, and fueling wisely. He’ll also show you how to stretch and strengthen your muscles so you can recover fast and avoid injury. You’ll feel healthy and energized at the start line, on your way to a great Rock ’n’ Roll run!

• 4 marathon and half-marathon training programs
• Beginner plans and advice for your first race
• Half and full-course plans for experienced runners
• R’n’R course tips, picks, and tricks

The Official Rock ’n’ Roll Training Guide makes preparing for your race as fun and rewarding as race day.

Mario Fraioli is a running coach and senior editor of Competitor magazine.

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Have you read this book? What did you think? Are you one of those runners who hasn’t yet started their fall marathon or half marathon training?  Questions about the book?


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First marathon I ever watched. My mom’s 1st!

*I was sent this book for review purposes, all thoughts and opinion are my own. I was not paid for this post and did not guarantee a review after reading it.


  1. Will have to keep this book in mind! I am using the book Advanced Marathoning currently to help with my training. I am a little ways away from my next marathon, but it has some really great speed workouts in it that I like to pull from. Once I get closer I will be using it more of the full training plan.

  2. Sounds like a great book–is it truly a total resource for a first half the full? Like if I were to get this would I need anything else?

  3. i may be going out tomorrow to buy this book :) although i’m not sure if i’m too late into my training to change? Thanks Dorothy!

  4. I just picked this up. I am running a half marathon training group out of the store I work at and am always looking for new material. Thanks Dorothy!

  5. Thanks for the review, I am definitely going to look into!! I am training for a half in the fall and a full in the spring and I definitely need to start getting my butt in gear. ive been able to get away with my training the past few weeks since the big race is so far out but it certainly is GO time now!

  6. Definitely going to check out the book! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for sharing this. I love that part you wrote about recovery runs. After my track workouts it is not uncommon for my recovery run back home to be close to a 9 minute pace. I’ve been wondering if I’ve been going too slow but that made me feel better. Like you I own many running books but I love learning something new and it sounds like this book offers some good insight.

  8. Advanced Marathoning is my FAVORITE!! :-)

  9. I haven’t read it, but with how much I’m struggling this time around, maybe I need to.

  10. Just saw your blog for the first time. I am going to run the Las Vegas Marathon in November, but already picked a training program. I might pick up this book for my next one. There are too many choices :-)

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