We had a nice little snow day yesterday filled with legos, book reading, and lots of kindle games. In the afternoon I packed orders and headed to the post office with a sick Miles while Eric took the other two to the dentist. Eric texted me while there – that I should hear what Colton was in the back telling the hygienist. That kid. He honestly is one of the funniest people I know and he is only four. Last time I took them to the dentist I heard him in the back telling them all about how he loves candy and his grandmother calls him and his brother the candy men because they love it so much. Just what a mom wants a child to tell a dentist – lol.

I find what kids say and how they say it to be really humorous at times. Chloe was REALLY excited yesterday because the dentist gave her an adult flossing thing. This is HUGE in her world because at 8 she already wants to be a mini grown up. They way she said how excited she was had me in stitches though – she really wasn’t joking – that flossing thing had just made her day. Oh to be 8.

Colton had a dentist come to his pre-school the other day to talk to the kids – at the end he handed out “goodie bags” – in the car as Colton pulls out what’s in the bag – he gets to the tooth-brush and says in a very loud serious voice – OH WOW I WILL definitely use this tooth-brush. If only I had know how happy they would be I could have saved myself a ton of money at Christmas and just given them toothbrushes lol.

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Today is the day that House of Cards is out on Netflix! I’ve heard arguments that the only reason this show is even remotely good is because you can binge watch it. I don’t care about how good or bad people think the acting is, I love it. There will be lots of binge watching going on tonight and tomorrow.

Last night getting up early hit me hard.

Another one of the things I learned last time when transitioning to early morning wake ups is that it’s easier to get up early in order to start the transition rather than telling yourself you will go to bed earlier. Of course I realize it’s different for different people, but when I have tried to go to bed earlier – all I did was lie? lay? in bed unable to fall asleep till I was actually tired. If you start with just getting up earlier than you are used to, you will more than likely be unable to stay up as late as you were before. I literally can not keep my eyes open a minute past nine.

Some people are very successful at motivating themselves or having the energy to work out at night, I am not one of those people. Or rather I should say I am not one of those people now. When I was fresh out of college my workouts mostly happened at the gym, after work. It helped me not overeat at night and gave me some energy from long days in an office.

If you are someone who says you wish you were a morning person, I believe if you really want to become one, it’s possible. Like most things in life you have to make the choice that it’s something you want.

For this reason I’ve stopped saying {or mostly stopped saying} I wish I could do —— fill in the blank, unless it’s something I actually would like to make the effort to do. Instead when it’s something that would have been cool if the stars had aligned – I say oh that would be cool….but I don’t say wish unless I’m willing to put in the effort to make that happen. Maybe it’s silly because they are just words but it makes a difference to me. As a side note I’m learning – realizing? – more and more that words are a personal thing – you can say one thing and people will hear what they want to hear regardless of what you say or what your intent is. I believe the key is to being true to core self. This may be the answer to most things in my life…let me think on that some more.

I digress….back to wish and that would be cool – It would be cool {to me} if I was a musician, but I hated music lessons when I was little – thoughts of my violin lessons give me nightmares. I remember feeling so out of breath in clarinet lessons and oh the piano – don’t even get me started – I’m pretty sure I hurt people’s ears when I was practicing. So while it would be cool if I was a musician and I would have loved to have had a natural talent for music – I don’t – and there is no way I want to put in any sort of work to develop that talent.

I’m also working on my overuse of the word LOVE but that’s a story for another day. I do know I LOVE him. OH and Bailey – I love him too even though he drives me nuts daily with his barking 😉

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Miles is home again today – ick – poor kid. I don’t mind him around, in fact I really do enjoy it when my kids have snow days and are home with me unexpectedly, but I just feel for how miserable he seems.

That’s all in my world today. If you are racing this weekend GOOD LUCK!!!


xoxo Dorothy
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