I’ve been lacking motivation lately when it comes to marathon training.

This happens every single winter and every single winter I forget all about the fact that I really don’t like running in the cold. I’m a super sweaty person, as in even when I’m cold I’m sweating. I’ve been to doctors about said sweating issue and though it’s better than it was in college – hello prescription antiperspirants – it’s still not good when it comes to winter running. If the temperature is below 20 degrees there is no sort of layering plan that is going to help me stay warm. It’s a fact I’ve come to accept {even my mom who for years thought I was crazy – now agrees that all of us run differently temperature wise and a lot of that has to do with how old we are and what those sometimes pesky hormones are doing in our bodies}

Lately I’ve been sticking to my treadmill for most runs. I freeze until I’m sweating – then I can strip down to a sports bra and capris and run in the privacy of my freezing basement.2-24-15 1

I don’t have enough time lately to do all the things I want to do. It’s not that I have less time than I had before it’s that I’ve stopped putting off things I want to do or accomplish and I’m doing more things that personally fulfill me that don’t have anything to do with running. I was chatting with a dear friend about how she fits it all in and she reminded me that she wakes up at the crack of dawn – what I like to consider o dark thirty – the point when it’s dark, and quiet and no one is up. I forgot how much I loved getting up in the dark. I don’t love it when my alarm goes off, but as long as I don’t hit snooze and drag myself out of bed immediately I’m good to go.

2-25-15 4
Joining the early to bed and early to rise crew again…..

Yesterday I ran 6 miles in the basement, followed by some strength all before getting my littles off to school.

This morning I ran 5 miles while watching a documentary on global warming {really interesting} and then had to get the littles to school – followed that by a quick 2 miles before showering and getting the last little to school. Starting my day in adult clothing instead of spandex works wonders for my soul. Putting on makeup also helps to remind me that I am not as hideous as I sometimes feel.

I don’t love splitting a run like that but when you are a parent, I think you just do what you have to do, or maybe it’s age – I don’t know – either way it is what it is.

The sun was shinning yesterday and it is doing the same again today. Hope you are all staying warm – I’m super jealous of all of you who live in warm climates. Chloe and I are still trying to convince Eric we need to move to the beach :)

xoxo Dorothy

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