I am probably one of the very few people in the Northern Virginia area who is not yet sick of the non stop rain we have been having for the past couple of days.
My little girl Chloe celebrated her 5th birthday yesterday in the rain. The day was much like the day she was born – it seemed fitting since her middle name is Raine.
Yesterday I ran 5 miles at an easy pace on the treadmill since I could not head outside. I started out at a 9:10 pace. I promise you that it was not an easy run. Really is any treadmill run easy?
Today I REALLY did not want to have to run on the treadmill again so I timed my run to fit in while Miles was at pre-school for 2 hours and Chloe was at school. In order to fit it all in I knew I would have to be in the car pool line early in order to be heading home by 9. I needed to be running by 9:30 at the latest and could not run for more than an hour and five minutes. I would have 5 minutes to dry off and change before needing to get back on the road in order to pick Miles up at 11. This was all during baby C’s typical nap time so I knew he would be just fine sleeping for however long I needed to run.
Thankfully I have the BOB Single Ironman Weather Shield because it was pouring outside. I was drenched with in the first 5 minutes of the run. My shoes felt like bricks because of how soaked they were. I managed to fit in 8 miles!
On my run I thought allot about the cleansing properties of the rain, for me and the earth. I truly love rain runs and really enjoyed having Colton along with me. It is a wonderful feeling inside when there are not any negative thoughts in your head and you only focus only on all the things you are grateful for.
Today is a good day.
mile 1: 8:08
mile 2: 8:14
mile 3: 8:12
mile 4: 8:15
mile 5: 8:01
mile 6: 8:21
mile 7: 7:57
mile 8: 7:45


  1. {will run for margaritas} says:

    I went running during my lunch break – 4 very rainy, muggy miles. But, I'm glad I did it! :)

  2. Jerilee E. says:

    Great job- 8 miles in the rain… pushing a baby!! Very impressive :). I love the rain- it really does make everything seem clean and refreshed.

  3. bell family says:

    I love running in the rain. Sometimes its so calming and other times it just so much fun.

  4. Perfect timing! I've just woken up to pouring rain – the kind that looks like it's going to stick around forever, so I know my run this afternoon will be pretty soggy. Your post has reminded me of how much I enjoy running in the rain once I'm out there, and I will head out this afternoon and embrace the wet :)

  5. Way to go!

    I joined my husband and his coworkers/friends for my 1st run outside this week due to rain & it felt so refreshing! It was in the high 60's and perfect running weather. We did about 6 miles & instantly I had a smile on my face. :)

  6. Danielle112 says:

    Oh I am so jealous. I'm out in Southern California and it's 90 degrees right now. I had to run early today to beat the heat. Don't get me wrong, sunshine and blue skies are amazing. But as a runner, boy do I cherish runs in the rain. They really do have that therapeutic, cleansing feeling to them. It's funny because even when its just sprinkling out here I hit the road to run. My family and friends think I'm crazy. But I say, No you don't understand this is perfect running weather 😉 they still think Im weird. Keep it up girl, and enjoy the rainy weather!

  7. I just had a similar experience (having to rush to fit in a run in the rain and with a single stroller too!). My rain was light, and my daughter stayed nice and dry. We both needed the fresh air–and the run did me good!

  8. {lifeasa}RunningMom says:

    Awesome run and I love how you had yourself scheduled down to the minute. I do the same. Also love the foot up picture in the jogging stroller. My daughter used to love to put both her feet up….but now her legs are too long to do that!

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