It is FINALLY here. Hood To Coast with nuun! 3 more days till my flight departs Virginia for Seattle.

I can not believe first that I even made this team[if you want to read my creative application CLICK HERE]. Second I can not believe the whole summer has flown by and it is already time to begin this adventure.

I would like to think I know ALLOT about running. I will admit I do not know much about relays. I have run one – Ragnar in 2009 with team Saucony Rocks.

The relay was life altering. No I am not being sappy. No I am not being dramatic. IT WAS LIFE ALTERING.

I was on a team that had some STELLAR athletes. I wanted to prove myself, I wanted my other teammates to feel like I belonged, that I was fast too. I did not want to be a space filler.

I ran and ran and ran. Faster than I have ever run before in my life. NO JOKE. Every mile was painful, yet I pushed and pushed. It was not about me, and my finish time on the clock. It was about the time on the clock for the entire team. It was one of the first times in my life that I really truly felt like I belonged on a team and that I was giving something back. I mattered.

I can pinpoint this race as the first time in my life that I thought to myself, hey you are sort of fast. Not fast as in you are going to win a marathon, or qualify for the Olympic Trials, but fast as in you have 2 kids and use to run 11 minute miles. It was the first time that I saw consistent 6’s during a race and did not freak out – I went with it. Every time I saw a 6, I wanted to tell myself to slow down, but I did not. My mind told that little voice in my head – you are fast – this is your pace – do not freak out. Since that race I have not freaked out. When I see a fast pace it does not scare me. Sometimes it works out and I run a PR, other times I blow up – but I do not freak out – I go with it.

Ragnar Relay DC 2009
Saucony Rocks:
 23:09:44 [2nd overall]
3.4 Mile – 21:36 (6:21 avg)
4.4 Mile – 29:50 (6:46 avg)
5.4 Mile – 37:42 (6:58 avg)

If you have never done a relay before, put it on your bucket list. They are FUN. You do not have to have friends on the team. I only knew 2 people on my team and they were not in my van. It’s like the Real World MTV of running. You are in a van with 5 or 6 other people and it is fun, even if they are strangers.

It speeds up the whole get to know you friendship process. You get to see more of these people than some of their long time friends do! Nothing brings people closer than a little sweat – right?

If you want to check out the blogs of the bloggers who are in my van here are the links to their blogs:

Emily [another East Coast girl]:
Lauren: [yet another East Coast girl]:
Jocelyn: [East Coast girl – DUH]:

If you want to check out ALL the bloggers – you can read Tall Moms post HERE.

I started packing my bag and will be getting all my last minute odds and ends tied up tomorrow. I want to relax on Wednesday, hang out with my kiddos, and enjoy the excitement of my first *vacation* alone[minus my little people] in a very long time.

I am proud to be representing nuun at this race and look forward to sharing my experience with you!!

If you want to follow my adventure then follow me on twitter @mileposts. I will be tweeting, but not blogging over the weekend.

I GIANT thank you to everyone who commented on my Hood To Coast post and helped me make this AWESOME team!!!

If you want a discount on nuun – enter code *afternuundelight* for 25% off till the end of September!!!


  1. Rachel McPhillips says:

    Good luck, friend! I just started following you on twitter, so I can't wait to see how all this pans out. I am crazy intrigued. Anyway you could film some of it like a Road Rules documentary? :)

  2. woo hoo!! It is going to be SO fun! I only wish we could do a team of 20 on a big ol' bus. I think that is the only way this could get any better. I am looking forward to meeting you later this week.

  3. This will be my first kid-free "vacation" since starting my family… 12 years ago 😛

    I am so excited and looking forward to meeting you :)

  4. Kerrie T. says:

    I'm nervous.

  5. Oh, I'm so excited for you! I've ran 2 Ragnars now and have loved every minute of them. HTC will be AMAZING! Can't wait to follow the excitement. Best of luck and welcome to the NW! :)

  6. Have SO much fun!! I can't wait to read all about it :)

  7. Hey Dorothy,

    The store I work put together a team and we are doing the Ragnar Relay in October that runs from Lancaster, PA up to the Poconos. I am so excited to hear that you have done them and that they are great! We are so excited for ours. I will have to let you know how it goes. :)

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