Ever since running the Firecracker 5K on the 4th of July I’ve had the racing itch. Having not raced since Boston I felt like I had gotten out of the rhythm of racing. I at times asked myself if I even cared about racing as much as I had in the past. Was it time to hang up my racing flats for awhile and just focus on training? The Potomac River Running Firecracker 5K reminded me that I love to race. I love the atmosphere. I love being around like minded people. Whether I PR or not does not determine how fun I have at a race.

Being a marathon GEEK. I pretty much love the 26th of every month because it has 26.2 in the date – so when I saw that Potomac River Running had added another race to their roster and the date was the 26th – I knew I had to sign up.

If you haven’t heard about this race yet – it starts and finishes at South Lakes highschool, is only $25 till August 1st and starts at 7:30 so you can beat the heat!

For more information visit the registration page HERE

Comment below if you are running! I’d love to meet you.

Did you race this weekend? How did you do?!


  1. Katie @ msfitrunner says:

    I really like the 10k distance, short enough but very challenging. I get the itch to race too, and I haven’t done one since the 4th of July either – starting to feel the itch! Thinking about a 5k this weekend…those are frightening but fun.
    That is funny about the 26.2 in the race title:)

  2. Well thank you for asking about my weekend racing. I did the San Francisco Half in 2.04 and I was very happy with myself!!! Lots of hills, lots of fog…that’s San Francisco for you!

    I’ve got the racing bug too…trying to find one in August. I really want Saturday races so I can be in church on Sunday but they’re few and far between.

  3. I’m thinking I might run this!!! I have been looking for a 5k or 10k coming up… I will be in NoVA that weekend, so this would be fun!

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