Lately I really have been seeing a difference in my running based on what I eat. On days that I eat really healthy making sure I get enough protein, good fats and carbs – I feel good the next day on a run. The days I splurge and eat whatever I want(whatever = crap) I feel sluggish the next day.

My latest obsession is Stonyfield Farm Organic Greek Yogurt. It packs a whopping 23 grams of protein per cup which is just about 1/2 of the protein most people need in a day. It’s also lower in lactose than regular yogurt so my stomach is appreciating the switch. I also thought it was interesting that you can use it as a substitute in cooking for cream, cream cheese, sour cream and ricotta. I might just have to test out some of the recipes on their site.

I had another good long run this morning and slowly feel like I am learning my way around! My shorts tan is getting worse and my stomach is the color of a sheet of computer paper.


  1. Lauren P says:

    This is something I'm trying to do as well. Of course, I'm not nearly as good as you are….I know I'm eating crap, I know its affecting the way I feel, but seem powerless to change! Tomorrow is grocery day, I'm gonna stock up on all the good stuff.

  2. Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal says:

    Oh Lauren – thanks! I'm getting better at it. When I first started running I wondered why I wasn't loosing any weight but I totally would just calculate how much I had burned and then think I could splurge each day that much!! The only way I have been succesful is by not keeping it in the house – seriously I have NO will power – so if it's around I'm eating it :)

  3. I LOVE THIS YOUGURT! I eat it almost every morning with fresh strawberries!

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