This may just be one of the most fun reviews I have done. As most of you know my tag line is DREAM BIG RUN LONG.

Those who know me know that these four words sum up how I feel about most things in my life.

Hubby got me an ipod shuffle for Christmas engraved with Dream Big Run Long 818 and my sister got me two engraved bracelets – one that says Dream Big, the other that says Run Long.

So when I stumbled upon the Go Go Sports Girls Dolls and saw they made a running doll, I knew had to have it for Chloe [or maybe me] because they said that Ella likes to DREAM BIG and Go For It.

The doll arrived and I didn’t even wait to wrap it – instead I made Chloe close her eyes and stick out her hands for the surprise.

She loved it.

I loved it because Ella was dressed in pink and orange, similar to my favorite Saucony Vizipro pink and Vizipro Orange.

I told Chloe she could keep the doll in her room. She had brown hair, green eyes, and looks similar to my daughter. 15 minutes later Chloe came running over to me – look mommy – lookthere is something written on her tummy.

I lifted her shirt and started to SMILE.

Dream Big, Run Fast.


It’s not my tag line, but it’s close enough.

I love this doll.

I asked Chloe if she could live on my desk and she said OK. [Yes, I’m 29 and I want this doll on my desk and I am not afraid to admit it]

So here Ella sits reminding me to Dream Big and always GO FOR IT.

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May you have a happy and blessed 2012!


  1. LOVE IT! I have to get that for MacKenna! :)

  2. Totally awesome!! I think I will need to get one of these for my baby girl :)

  3. Don’t enter me cause they won’t ship to Canada, but I wanted to tell you that I won one of these earlier this year and had it sent to my niece in California.

    She absolutely loves this doll and takes it everywhere… and prior to getting it, was a stuffed animal fan, but not really a doll fan at all.

    Lovely giveaway. Some little girl is going to be very happy, Dorothy!

  4. Love that doll! May have to buy one for each of my girls since they are running their first race next month!

  5. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    Ooooo good luck to them!! I adore watching kids races :)

  6. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    You were one of the first people that came to mind when I got it!!

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