This blog is a journey.  A journey of a girl who used to be shy, who never felt like enough, who was self conscious most of the time, and who would not have generally described her life as happy.  It’s the journey of a girl who cried every Christmas as a child for no particular good reason, and who frowned in one too many pictures.  It’s the journey of the ups and downs of my life and how it changed once I started running.

This blog has been so much more for me than a way of trying to inspire others. It has inspired me, it’s helped me grow as a person.  Each week I read and re-read each post.  It’s a glimpse for me back into the mind of the girl I was yesterday, and helps me to see the girl I want to become.

It’s only Wednesday yet I’ve read Monday’s posting at least 20 times.

You are given what you need in this life when you need it – not a moment sooner, not a moment later.

Tuesday I woke up with a plan for my day – it went nothing like I thought it would or wanted it too.  After taking C & M to the play area at the mall[they begged to go]. Chloe had to pee and the closest bathroom was the Barnes and Noble.  When walking in I saw a book that caught my eye, the Power

I’m a girl who likes a deal, who has a hard time paying full price for anything.[the library has been my best friend lately to fill my never ending desire for new books]  The tag on the book said 30% off list price, 40% off for members – score – my mom is a member.  I’m treating myself to a book.  I had no idea really what the book was about, only that it’s written by the same woman who wrote the Secret and everyone thinks that book is great right?

I went home and immediately started reading it, despite having numerous other books I’m in the middle of.  I needed to read this book.  It came at the perfect time – not a moment sooner – not a moment later. 

I needed something or someone to remind me that I’ve been really negative lately. I really have NO good excuse to be a grump.  Sure I don’t feel that great, I don’t even feel like myself.  I miss running desperately. [yes I can still run – but I miss running alone as one human and not two] I’m overwhelmed and scared about my daughter starting school the same week as my husband having major knee surgery.  I have allot going on, but we all do.  It’s not an excuse to be unhappy.

In order to be happy, to not feel overwhelmed and to appreciate this moment in my life – I need to change my attitude.  To talk about the positive things in my life, not whine about what’s not.

When you wake up each morning, you are standing at the tipping point of your day.  One way tips you into a wonderful day filled with good things, and the other way tips you into a day filled with problems.  You are the one who determines what your day will be – by the way that you feel! Whatever you’re feeling is what you’re giving, and with certainty, that is exactly what you will receive back in your day, surrounding you wherever you go.  the Power

This morning I woke up and decided today would be a good day.  I would have a happy day even if I didn’t get to run, I didn’t. I would have a good day even if my kids misbehaved, they did.  I would smile at others in the elevator, they smiled back.  I wouldn’t let rude receptionists get the best of me, they didn’t.

My day was good – it was more than good.

I had a glucose tolerance test this morning for my monthly pre-natal Dr’s apt.  I drank that disgusting stuff like a champ and went on my way to my 8:30 am apt.  I jumped on the scale sans shoes and asked how much I had gained this month?  1 lb!  I’m pretty sure that one pound is ALLLL baby. Eating fruit each day, drinking more water, and paying attention to my diet worked.  It worked even after spending a weekend away on vacation in Vermont. 

When the Dr[the 3rd in the practice who I haven’t seen yet this pregnancy] came in, I asked her how I compared to my last pregnancy.  2lbs behind what I was with Miles at 28 weeks!  HOORAY.  She measured my belly and said that I was indeed not crazy – this baby is already kicking me in the ribs because my uterus is measuring 29 weeks – a week and a half ahead of what I am!!  Woooo hoooo. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this blessing of an apt, it lifted my spirits. 

The power of positive thinking worked for me today.  While I don’t think this book will tell me anything I don’t already know – it’s nice to hear it repeated.  It’s nice to remember that I need to be thankful and grateful for this human in my belly – even if he is kicking me in my ribs, giving me heartburn, and making me uncomfortable and tired.  I won’t wish these next weeks away.

Will you be positive today?  Will it change your day?


  1. Thanks for the reminder that the way we let ourselves feel is the way our day will go… I've had to think about that quite often the past month or two… i make myself smile as I get out of bed instead of moaning that i have to get up already lol…

  2. Haven't had the rib kicks yet, even though I carry her SUPER high… and I get to have my glucose test (and rogam shot) tomorrow.
    It's amazing what a little positive thinking can do for your day.

  3. RunWithKate says:

    I love this post more than you know! First of all, reading that you were also a kid that cried on Christmas is very reassuring for me. To this day I still get depressed on holidays for some unknown reason.

    I have also written a post about the power of positive thinking. It makes SUCH an incredible difference. Deana Kastor is a perfect example with her positive attitude even in the face of injury or hardships.

    Then, I think about the kids I met while in South Africa. Every day they were JOYOUS! They had next to nothing, not even good health, some had no parents, but they chose to be joyful every day. Talk about a wake up call, right?

    Anyway, sorry to ramble but this post really resonated with me. Thanks for sharing all of this.

  4. Lesley @ says:

    Awesome post… may you have a great rest of the day!

  5. Momma Twitch says:

    Thanks for this post! I've been giving myself a rough time for not getting my runs in. It's just what I needed. Thanks!

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