Saturday will mark the 36th week of pregnancy for me, for the 3rd time.  Some days my body will give me 5 mile runs – other days, not so much. 

Monday I took off.  Tuesday I had my 35/36 week Doctor appointment first thing in the morning, so again I did not run. 

Wednesday morning my plans unexpectedly changed. I got to go for a sonogram to see how big this boy is already!  This was exciting.  It wasn’t exciting because I really take any stock into how big they think he is –  the margin of error is a pound either way.  It was exciting because I had not seen my little boy since 20 weeks. 

Being the crazy hormonal person I am now, I had started to worry that it was actually a little girl in there.  It is officially a boy and after seeing his little face in 3-D I think he looks just like Miles!!!

I needed to do some sort of movement before the appointment, even if it was just walking.  I ran/walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes, completing a little over 2 miles.  It wasn’t a disappointment. 

Any day I get to exercise is a treat.

As a mom of two children, with a third on the way, I know how hard it is to make time to work out.  Any day YOU get to exercise is a treat.

I wish in college they had classes that taught you about life.  Should you rent?  Is buying a house the best decision?  Should you lease a car or buy it?  When is a good time to think about marriage?  Should you get a dog if you plan on having kids in the near future?  What is it really like with kids?  How much do they cost? 

If you are reading this blog and you do not have kids, then I want to tell you something.  Children are the MOST amazing thing in the entire world.  Children are the MOST exhausting thing in the entire world.  They will change your running.

Each and every run a parent goes on is a sacrifice. 

Did you ask your husband or wife to watch the children?  Were they somewhat bitter because they too wanted to go work out?  Did you have to bring the children with you on the run?  There goes any tempo or track workout you were planning on doing……  How long is too long for them to be in the running stroller?  Do you work all day outside of the house – does running takes away time spent with your children? The list goes on. 

I wouldn’t trade my life for anything.  It is my life and I believing in owning your life, celebrating it. 

I’m telling you this because I wish someone had told me when I was 21, single and had no children that training for my first Marine Corps Marathon was not the hardest thing I would do in my life.  That the training and the race would teach me things I didn’t know about myself, and they would seem VERY hard at the time. But that life would get harder.  And harder. And harder.

The rewards greater – but the work harder.

It’s not easy being a runner.  It’s not easy being a mommy runner. It’s not easy being a pregnant runner. Who said anything in life that was worth it, was easy?

Cheers to you for being a runner!  It’s not easy, but I’m sure you can agree, certainly worth it.


  1. DEFINITELY worth it! :)

  2. Karen the "Hungry Mom" says:

    good post, dorothy! I like to tell myself there is no time like the present to try and reach my goals, because I never know how the future is going to change my life!

  3. I love this post!

  4. The Samsons says:

    I'm not sure I would've believed anyone that said having little kids was hard. I even babysat and didn't quite get it until they were mine 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Whatever the sacrifice for running, I always think it makes me a better Mom. I would be one crabby girl if I didnt get to run a few times a week!

  5. shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama says:

    Having Army Son unexpectedly pop the question to a virtual stranger recently, I can tell you that no one would take those classes! When most kids are 21 they don't want to hear what someelse says life is going to be like. Not teacher, parents, preachers… There are LOADS a great books helping young people through/prepare for the reality of marriage and children and respinsiblity BUT most young people (in my experince) simply don't think it will be THAT way for them.
    I wish we could take the lessons learned in one generation and instill it in the next BUT that is not what happens.
    I am "lucky" that I have a 20 yr old son and two young children. I get to learn from myself. I just wish Army Son could learn the same things I have learned from growing up "with" him.
    BUT you are right, every run is a blessing and marriage/children forever change your life!

  6. shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama says:

    GREAT post by the way!

  7. Lesley @ says:

    Exactly! And I'm personally dealing with the "I need a long run on Saturday but Hubby wants to play tennis." issue right now. 3 kids are a handful!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I loved this blog. As someone who doesn't have kids and isn't sure she wants them, this blog made me think. I really admire you and everything you undertake. Thanks for sharing.

  9. This is a great post. It is like you are writing my thoughts.

  10. Anonymous says:

    As a fulltime working mommy (outside the home) with 3 kids and a hubby, you read my mind. Life is such a journey. Every step teaches us something we didn't know about ourselves before, and helps guide us forward.

    PS. Loved that you got to see your little baby's face 3-D! I had a sono of my last baby 2 days before she was born and the tech was only off by 1 ounce! She told me 10 lb. 12 oz and my daughter was 10 lb. 11 oz.

  11. loved every word of this post….i could not have said it any better myself. it's like you pulled it right out of my (and so many other mommas) heart. love you!!

  12. The Happy Runner says:

    Rock on! Great post — so true.

  13. CoreyanneArmstrong says:

    Great post! Currently 34 weeks and still running -pregnant with baby #6! Had a great run today – so thankful for every one I can still do – an SO SO SO very thankful for when I’m not pregnant and can run – always reminding myself how hard it was when I was pregnant and how thankful I should be that I have two arms and two legs and two feet and a non-pregnant body to be able to run :) And even though I end up paying for babysitting quite often to run because the 5 kids are always home – thankful that I have them, that they are so sweet and wonderful and encouraging to come home to :)

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