An internal battle happened in my mind this morning. 

I calculated and re-calculated how much sleep I had gotten, well over 9 hours if I got up at that exact moment, yet I struggled to open my eyes.  If I can’t open my eyes then maybe I need to keep sleeping, I can always do the treadmill later.  Dorothy you know you won’t do the treadmill later, get it over with, you already had a rest day yesterday, you WILL feel better if you run.  Oh I wish I had someone to run with this morning outside. I can go so much faster when I’m with people and not focusing on how hard it is pushing almost 100 pounds while carrying around an extra 30.  Oh give yourself a break your over 28 weeks pregnant.  Oh but when you give yourself a break you end up feeling like you did yesterday, get your butt out of bed before it gets too hot…….

Eventually I got out of bed and got my running gear on.  Chloe almost derailed my plans when she said she didn’t want to go run-running today.  I promised that after the run we would head to the pool.  She agreed and we speedily got ready, since it was already heating up.  I’m very much looking forward to the cool down this fall will hopefully bring.

I ran 2 miles before walk/running the last one home.  3 miles total, pushing two kids at 28 weeks – I’ll take it.

Mile 1 – 11:04
Mile 2 – 10:39
Mile 3 – 14:28


  1. Momma Twitch says:

    Awesome job getting out there and getting it done!

  2. Runners Fuel says:

    Good job!!

  3. You are my hero! Awesome!!!

  4. Lesley @ says:

    Awesome job! By the way, I linked to your first-time marathoner post on my blog today… love that post!

  5. The Happy Runner says:

    Definitely take it!
    Pushing a double stroller is no joke — esp when preggo.

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