Buzz buzz – 5:40am – I’m tired but know I have to push through. When am I not tired these days?

Goal for the day, 10 miles. Within minutes my hopes are dashed by a burning sensation in my thighs. End result – 2 miles running, another 30 minutes walking.

I ran once last week – it was the best treadmill run I’ve had as of lately. I tried it again the next day and felt the burn: I walked. I stretched, did yoga, foam rolled, and used the stick, all in hopes of making this *burning* go away. It hasn’t. One can only hope that it’s just a passing phase, another one of the not-so-lovely things that can happen to your body when you are making a human.

I’m a survivor. I don’t go down without a fight. I heard my moms voice in my head when I was frustrated and walking on Saturday “we will fix this sweetie, we will fix it” I immediately came home and researched pool running. I’ve never pool run before but know a couple of awesome ladies who have!!

Cheryl of Dash Bites did a whole posting for me. She said it better than I could have so I’m just linking the post. If you are interested in pool running, whether you are pregnant or not, check out her blog.

While at the pool yesterday I tested out my maternity bathing suit to see if it would *stay in place* for laps. It did. Here’s my confession. I can’t swim. I was out of breath after one lap one. Thoughts run through my head…..could I ever learn to swim? I mean sure I can get to one end from the other, but could I really learn how to breathe properly and be efficient enough at this to not stop at every lap? I’m thinking I need a book – something to teach me what I’m doing wrong. Any suggestions?

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  1. I posted something similar on my blog. I recently started swimming more and more to try to prepare for a triathlon. It is so hard. I am exausted after 5-10 laps.

    Guess its different muscles or something.

  2. Yay, You're going to love pool running!

  3. The Gittelman family says:

    I "learned" to swim a couple of years ago. Prior to that I could swim, but only like a turtle with my head out of the water. I taught myself the breathing technique by watching my kids' lessons and practicing what I saw the instructors do. Then, when I felt confident enough not to make a complete fool of myself, I joined a masters program. It was hard. I was probably in the best physical shape of the entire group, but I still couldn't keep up and felt so out of breath I had to keep stopping. Technique is a huge part of swimming as you waste so much energy if you don't do it right, so you have to find a coach or a friend who can swim to show you what you're doing wrong and how to correct it. Eventually you will get there, and it feels great to be able to just swim lap after lap, especially in this heat!

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