I challenge you today to take any seemingly negative things about your day, week or month and turn them into positives.  Since I started reading the Power I have been making a conscious effort to try to focus more on the positive aspect of things.  It’s slowly working.

I got to take the kids on a run this morning instead of having to.  Instead of lamenting about how much work it is pushing them, I decided that I am grateful that at 28+ weeks I am physically capable of pushing two kids on a run.  I also am thankful that the Lord has blessed me with two healthy children. I’m not running alone because I don’t struggle with infertility.   I have all these little people with me because I am extremely lucky and get pregnant at the blink of an eye.

I had horrible heartburn the whole run.  Instead of focusing on how much this sucks, I decided to be grateful that I am close enough to my guess date that my uterus/baby is now large enough that it’s causing this silly heartburn.

Instead of stressing about Chloe going to school next week, I will be waking up at o’dark thirty to drive her there – I am thankful that next week I will be able to run pushing only one child on the W&OD[which I have desperately missed].  I am also thankful that she has the opportunity to attend a great school – 8 hours a day – 5 days a week!

Today I am especially thankful that somehow I seemingly forgot that 28 weeks marks the end of the 2nd trimester and the beginning of the 3rd.  I’m almost there!!!

I’m also thankful today for all the lovely comments and emails from friends and from you guys. They are helping me stay motivated, grounded, believe in myself and be proud of how far I’ve come during this pregnancy – thank you!

I took a planned rest day yesterday.  I say planned because I was up at 6:15 and definitely had the time to get in a run.  Today I ran 2 miles before having to walk/run the last 2.  4 miles at 28+ weeks pushing two kids, again I’ll take it!!!

Mile 1 – 10:25
Mile 2 – 10:35
Mile 3 – 13:58
Mile 4 – 12:48

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  1. I have absolutely no idea how you manage to push two kids and run at the same time! I tried running with a single jogging stroller once and I had to walk up the first hill!

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  2. Rebecca Samson says:

    You can't go wrong with such a positive way of thinking :)

  3. Great way to turn it around! Impressive.

  4. runningwithababyonboard says:

    I love it! I too have been taking the negative and turning it into the positive. Ironically, it's somewhat the inverse of your post. :) I couldn't get pregnant this summer, but instead of allowing myself to get too upset, I'm realizing this give me an opportunity to run another half marathon before getting pregnant again.

    I love the positivity of your blog. Thanks!

  5. Excellent way of thinking! I'll "run" through you because, in my 3rd trimester, I'm sidelined from running pretty much. :(
    BUT, I'm almost done baking this baby and I can't wait to meet her (so that's my positive). There's always time to run after she's here.

  6. Ashley Claire! says:

    I am a singleton and I couldn't get my butt out of bed this morning at 6:15 to run!!! Cheers to you! :)

  7. The Happy Runner says:

    Great thoughts.
    And big yay for the third trimester!

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