I dream of running without another human in my belly.  I dream of being able to bound up the stairs to grab something really quickly and not feel out of breath.  I dream of drinking a glass of water and being able to wait hours before I have to finally go to the bathroom.  I dream of not having to use body glide on rest days.  I dream of races. Finishing another 26.2.  I dream that I will again one day be able to set PR’s.  I dream that it’s B & A Marathon – I’m crossing the finish line in the best shape of my life.  I dream I’m on the way home from that race, sunroof open, music blasting, me singing – thinking – life can’t get much better than this.

Monday I went for a run outside – 1 mile – at little over 11:30 pace, pushing Miles.  What a difference a day makes in the running life of a pregnant person.  I walked.  Tried to start again and it just didn’t feel right.  I didn’t push and walked home.  30+ minutes wunning.  Cardo for the day – check!

Tuesday I took a rest day because I had my 37/38 week Dr appointment. Baby is still very high up according to the doctor.  This makes me laugh for a number of reasons. 


When you run while pregnant, everyone and their mom, husband, and brother is concerned about you and let’s you know.  I often think of the ridiculousness of this. 

My moms former neighbor who recently had a baby, was a smoker.  She sat on her porch and puffed away all 9 months of pregnancy.  Did anyone say anything to her about the harmful effect this was having on her baby?  Probably not.  I however have been consistently running for over 7 years now yet I still get comments/questions/looks while running.  Why is it okay to say something to someone who is doing something healthy vs. something so blatantly unhealthy?  I’m not running 26.2 miles while pregnant.  I’m not doing track workouts.  I’m being active – big difference.

Back to the baby being high.  Apparently all of my running has not caused him to fall out onto the pavement nor descend.  Nor has it put me into pre-mature labor!

I’m ready for this baby race to be over, but I am trying to be patient and wait.  Patience and waiting are not things I’m very good at.


  1. Pretend this is real... says:

    Well, some of us are glad to see you staying healthy during pregnancy. Way to go!


    you've done a fabulous job.

    i ran 8 miles 2 days before i delivered my third. when i went in for my induction at 39 weeks, i was less than a cm dilated. my doc said my cervix was an "iron fortress." you are not alone and apparently you can't "run a baby out of you"

    good luck with the next few weeks!

  3. My baby boy is also very high…apparently this is more common with subsequent pregnancies (they have more room the OB said). In any case, I feel the same way: trying so hard to be patient but would desperately like to do the same things (the stairs, the long runs outside). Keeping my fingers crossed that your baby comes when ready and you have the patience to wait. I am due tomorrow but the lack of progress reminds me that I've given the situation up to God and nature and faith…they will both be here soon enough!!! All the best to you on the final days of your journey!!

  4. Amanda@runninghood says:

    I remember that feeling of just wanting my own body back and to be done. I also remember getting funny looks when I was running while pregnant. People don't realize that you've just continued a way of life that you're already conditioned to. I also find myself forgetting what it is like to carry life inside of me and part of me aches for that again (i know, crazy)..such a miracle and before you know it, you'll wonder where life went. Hang in there and keep running! :)

  5. I love reading about your runs during pregnancy – very inspiring. People will find anything and everything to scold/shame pregnant women about. But I'm guessing (hoping?) there were plenty who DID say something to that smoking mom!

  6. Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal says:

    Thanks ladies!! Yes I have many, many positive comments, but it's always so easy to remember the negative….

    Thanks for helping me to remember that this soon will be over and I should just appreciate this little life inside me for the last weeks he is in there :)

    TMB – I've been dilating since 35 weeks – so apparently you REALLY can't run a baby out of you until they are ready to come! Congrats on 8 miles – that's insane – I'm not even sure I could walk 8 miles at this point.

  7. Hang in there! I wanted my body back at week 30 the first time and at week 2 the second time!!! Forget the negative people! And for the dreams you can get there! after 2 kids and passing 40 candles on my bday cake I can say I am in the best shape I have been since high school!! All the best to you for these last weeks.

  8. shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama says:

    I ran 3.5 miles less than 24 hours before my last one can a month early, while I don't think running caused him to come early I do think the running helped my labor go quickly!

    You are doing a great job! Maybe next year I'll get back out for the B& A and get to meet you and the new little one.

  9. So nice to read how other pregnant runners feels….i think it is a common feeling….i can see myself repeating everything you said…i have 2 weeks to go i think i am just a little ahead of you… Good luck as you said the race is almost over and you are doing great!!!

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