Saturday marked the 37 week mark.  Sunday I finally had the opportunity to go for my first run outside in well over a week. 

It was my first run with Miss Becca post her giving birth to a beautiful baby girl.  I remarked that the progression of our running can be marked along the street we meet on.  At the end of her pregnancy I would make it almost to her house before we would meet.  Yesterday she made it almost to my house before we ran into each other.  I had no expectations for my run. I wanted to get out and move, to feel the cold, fresh air on my face and to spend some time with a friend I missed.

3 miles later I had run miles that I still can not believe I was capable of. 

Mile 1 – 10:37
Mile 2 – 9:56
Mile 3 – 9:53

To make a very long emotional story short.  My son was hospitalized last Sunday with severe dehydration and a very bad case of RSV.  We spent 3 days with him in the hospital. He was hooked up to IV’s and machines that monitored his heart rate and oxygen levels.  He later developed bronchitis and an ear infection.  He is home now and is doing fantastic – a little run down and moody at times – but better in comparison. 

I can literally say it was the worst/scariest week of my life.  The doctors were pretty sure I had the same thing, just that my adult body was able to fight off the RSV better.  We are no longer contagious – though I do have a lovely sounds like I’ve been smoking for ten years type of cough and go through waves of feeling good and not feeling good.  So that’s where I have been – MIA from my blog – MIA from life.

The doctor’s all reminded me that the silver lining in the whole situation was that this little baby boy was still in my tummy and hadn’t entered the world yet.  Here’s to looking at the glass half full.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends who offered to help and who were there for me in my time of need.  It’s amazing what kind words can do for the spirit.  xoxo


  1. So sorry Miles has been sick. My little boy had RSV at 10 monts. Scary stuff! And cheers to you on the run! Congrats!

  2. As I’m new to blogging, I just recently found your blog and glad I did! So sorry to hear that your son has been sick. Seeing my kids hurting in any way is the hardest thing. Love your prego photo! I’m so glad we had professional shots done with my third…they are treasures and reminders of such a magical experience (well, despite the exhaustion, morning sickness, and trouble sleeping). :) Your Personal records are very similar to mine…I have not read enough of your blog to know where you’re from but too bad you’re not in Oregon…you’d be a compatible running partner! Best of luck to you in your last few weeks of pregnancy. congrats on still running!

  3. oh, darn, all the way in Virginia! There are a lot of runner bloggers over on that side of the country!

  4. I am so sorry to hear about Miles and glad he is better. As for your run, you are amazing!

  5. Glad to hear things are on the mend and Miles is feeling better. Happy that you and little one are still running. No wonder you didn’t get as sick, you are super mommy!

  6. What a tough week. I’m very happy to hear that you’re both getting better.

  7. Oh dear, tough week indeed. I’m glad your littlest one is still safe inside, and that you and Miles are on the mend. My youngest got RSV last February, and we wound up in the ER. It was dreadfully scary, especially b/c she went from mediocre to very bad so quickly. So glad you’re both doing better!! Take care of youself(ves).

  8. Thanks for such a great run and a great way to start the day. Thank goodness Miles is on the up and up. You guys have had a tough few weeks. Now you guys can focus on the baby :)

  9. I’m sorry your son was so sick. But I’m glad everyone is on the mend.

    That is a beautiful picture of you!

  10. THankful your son is over the RSV. Been through that before and it was awful. Stay healthy. Amazing that you are still pushing out miles!

  11. im so glad miles is on the mend, great job on your run!

  12. So happy to hear your little guy is on the mend and in awe of you still running. Great job!!

  13. so glad your son is better! very scary. praying for continued health as you get ready for baby! great run!!

  14. that photograph is amazing! i’m so happy both you and your son are doing well and are better. i wish you an enjoyable (and comfortable) 3 weeks before your baby is born!

  15. I am SO happy you are doing better!

  16. Thank you guys!!! I’m happy to say Miles is ALLLLLLL better now :)

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