6 Miles running/walking this morning, all while pushing Chloe in the single stroller. 

31 weeks today!

Mile 1 – 10:07
Mile 2 – 10:14
Mile 3 – 12:50
Mile 4 – 10:15
Mile 5 – 12:54
Mile 6 – 11:53

Life is still getting in the way of running, hence why I was unable to run alone this morning.  I’m praying that my husband will heal soon, so he can handle the kids alone. 

I’m still hoping that my body will give me one more 10 mile run before this baby is born.  I think I could have done it today[Chloe was cold and wanted to go home]. I felt amazing.  I’ll be grateful for 6 today though, thankful I only had to push one child instead of two.

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  1. Momma Twitch says:

    You're amazing!

  2. Meredith says:

    Way to go!! 6 miles + 31 weeks pregnant + pushing a stroller = amazing!!

  3. chris mcpeake says:

    wow … great stuff

  4. Karen the "Hungry Mom" says:

    you go girlfriend

  5. runningwithababyonboard says:

    you are totally my hero. :)

  6. S Club Mama says:

    that's so amazing. I hope to be pregnant and running someday.

  7. Julie says:

    Way to go!! you are awesome.

  8. Runners Fuel says:

    That is awesome!

  9. Whitney says:

    This is so AWESOME!!!

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