This past Saturday I didn’t get up early.  I didn’t try to get in lots of extra miles before meeting up with my local running club.

I used to be the type of runner who could run alone no matter what.  Training partners were great and a run not alone was a treat, but I certainly didn’t need it.  I didn’t want to allow myself to rely on others for my runs.  I credit this mental attitude to being able to run alone marathon after marathon – long run after long run. 

Something changed when this little peanut started growing in me.  I lost some of my mental strength. 

The mind is like a muscle – when you continually use it – it will get stronger.  Once I no longer tried to push through runs my mind muscle got weak.  I’m not upset about this.  I’m actually pleased and proud to say that  I don’t push through runs.  If I feel something off, I stop and walk.  If I’m too tired to walk, I go home.  The baby is my priority, NOT my running.  I truly believe this is why at 26 weeks I am still able to run 10 miles.  I listen to my body and after over 9 years of consistent running and racing, it’s giving something back to me.

My mind no longer wants to run alone.  I want to run with friends.  I want to run with someone by my side helping me stay active, not only for me, but for the health of this little human growing inside of me.

Saturday I didn’t get up at 5:40 – I got up at 6:30 and headed out to the run. I was able to get in 2 miles on the way to meet up with everyone.  5 miles later with 3 lovely ladies – some of whom are also preggers – I felt renewed.  The conversation helped all of us run 5 miles sub 10 minute pace.  What a beautiful day for a run.

I ran 3 harder miles home.  Hard, because I was alone and had to try to muster up some of that lost mental muscle.  10 miles in exactly 1:40 at 26 weeks.  Thank you body, thank you.

Monday I met up with my new mommy running friend from last week!  Hooray. She had written me about running, she must have enjoyed our run as much as I did!  4.5 miles in 45 minutes, pushing two kids can only be described in one word, well maybe two – A MIRACLE.

Mile 1 – 10:09
Mile 2 – 9:50
Mile 3 – 9:38
Mile 4 – 10:09
Mile 4.5 – 10:23 pace

Sunday was a rest day. Today is a rest day.  I want to run.  I want to get out there.  I crave the feeling after sweating it out.  I know however that it’s better for my body to rest.  I want to treat it right, so it keeps treating me right.

When you are out there having a particularly hard run – maybe your pace is off, maybe you don’t feel you can complete the distance – remember that the mind is a muscle.  The more you practice using your mental muscle, the easier it will be to push through in those last miles of your 13.1 or 26.2  Running is not just about the movement forward – it’s about everything and all things in between.


  1. so true! you are doing great!

  2. amazing!

  3. You are so incredible! I'm just glad that I'm still able to walk without a waddle!

  4. runningwithababyonboard says:

    wow! i am so inspired by you. i hope i am able to keep running once i get pregnant, too.

  5. Momma Twitch says:

    Awesome post! Thanks for the inspiration. It's nice to see other pregnant runners out there who are smart with their running. I can learn a lot from you.

  6. RunWithKate says:

    You are so amazing. I am continually impressed with not only your abilities but your attitude. :) Loved this post!


  7. So very impressive! And I am still super jealous :-). If you ever want more of a walking partner let me know. I would love to say I could throw in some running here and there but I can't guarantee anything since I have pelvic issues.

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