25 weeks today, I had given up on all expectations of any semblance of a longer run for the rest of this pregnancy.  When greeted with the usual Saturday morning question from my husband of how far I was going – I now responded not in miles, but with a grunt – as far as my body gives me I lament.

This body gave my soul something it desperately needed today – an amazing run. 

10.5 miles at 25 weeks.  The human body continues to amaze me.  My spirit continues to surprise me. 

This run doesn’t come with out a huge asterisk today…..

My first mile was alone down the hill to Starbucks.  My muscles felt tired but I pressed on.  Met up with my local running club, stretched and was glad to see some familiar faces.  Those faces would soon help lift my spirit unknowingly. 

Miss Becca and a new running friend Karen and I all headed out with the main group, our pace was slower than theirs but we all agreed we were just happy to be out there running.  Today was not about speed, it was about completing the distance.  Miss Becca stayed with us for almost 3 miles and then parted ways, Karen and I stuck together for the next 1.5 and then parted ways.  When I made it back to Starbucks I had run a little over 6 and was feeling amazing. 

Lucky for me there were others there who were willing to run a little bit extra with me even though their run was complete.  Karen(Hungry Mom), Ashley and Audrey kept me company for another mile.  I was at over 7 miles and knew just knew I had more in me.  Ashley agreed to tack on some extra miles with me – for this I am grateful.  I am grateful for not only the company but the fact that her speedy self did not mind running slow with me to help me complete my goal.  After parting ways I looked down and realized I didn’t even have a mile left to hit 10 miles – I cruised home and finished 10.5 miles in an 1:40 minutes.

I want to thank all of these ladies for encouraging me – they are my asterisks today.  10.5 courtesy of *Karen, Karen, Becca, Audrey, and Ashley

I’m on cloud nine right now and don’t want to come down.  If I can complete 10.5 miles at 25 weeks pregnant – at 25 lbs over my normal weight – what can’t I do?  I need to ALWAYS remember to believe in myself.  I need to remember these miles when I’m back to my race weight, with no baby in my tummy, gutting it out over another 26.2.  If I can do this there is no reason that my goal of one day going under 3:15 in the marathon is not something I can achieve.

Thank you Lord for helping my spirit today.  Thank you running for being one of my best friends [even though you aren’t a person]


  1. wow! Great job!! I'm glad you had an amazing run today! 😀

  2. yay yay yay hooray wahoo yippeeee yeehaw!!!

    i am so excited and happy to read this post. you are an inspiration in so many ways and i am so proud of you and happy for you!! xoxoxoxo

  3. Rebecca Samson says:

    Something about the Saturday magic! Sure makes for a great way to start the weekend.

  4. The Laminator says:

    Amazing, D…whenever I have a down day, I always come here and you never fail to inspire me. Great run! Simply awesome!

  5. Tina @GottaRunNow says:

    So many of us runners are having difficulty running in the heat lately. Good to hear about a great run at 25 weeks of pregnancy!

  6. Wow! That's awesome! I'm so jealous :-(.

  7. I am SO very jealous of your running! I walked 2.5 yesterday and tried a little jogging… but it just didn't feel right. I'm super jealous and so happy that you can keep doing it this far into pregnancy! And I'll just stick with walking and be happy. :)

  8. That's awesome! Better keep thinking twice before you throw in the towel :)

  9. amazing!!

  10. Was a great run! Thanks for convincing us to go those extra miles :)

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