PR – Personal Record – The term brings me joy.

This past weekend I ran the National 1/2 Marathon with 3 friends while another friend of ours ran a full at VA Beach. All of us set out with hopes of running a faster race than we had prior – but none of us knew what the day would bring. Last week emails were sent back and forth where we each believed in the other but still wondered inside if personally we could do it. Even at the start of the race I found myself wondering if I could push myself to where I wanted to go.

At mile 13 when I realized I was about to break 1:35 and set a PR I almost started to cry. At that moment I thought of the other girls I was running with and hoped that they too would experience the same joy I was about to have. I crossed the line and was overcome by my emotions. I quickly grabbed my medal and space blanket and waited for the next girl to come through – she came through and before she even had a chance to catch her breath I gave her a giant hug! Another PR. We then waited for the next to come through – more hugs – and you guessed it – Another PR. One more girl left to come through and the three of us were on pins and needles waiting for her. We saw her bright red shirt and were overjoyed when we realized there was yet Another PR.

On the car ride home the four of us were so excited about our accomplishments. It didn’t matter that we had four different times – to each of us our time was our own – it was our best. It dawned on me that this is one of the reasons why I love the sport of running so much. It’s not always about who is the fastest at a race – who finishes first – but that we all gave it our all and finished the fastest we ever had. There wasn’t just one winner that day – there were four – and we were all in the same car together.

This morning when I woke up – I thought – one more to go – it was only a matter of hours before I would find out that there was yet Another PR….and a huge one at that….now there were 5 winners.

I am honored to be a part of a sport that celebrates the accomplishments of others – one where there can be multiple winners – one that I can participate in with friends yet also follow in the footsteps of the elites – I am honored and grateful that I am a runner.

PR’s – It’s what we do


  1. great race, Dorothy!

  2. LOVE IT

  3. what a great post!

  4. Congratualtions; I know it feels good to get those PR’s.

    -your neighbor

  5. oh fun. i didn’t realize you had a blog. I found it through Karen’s blog. Great post and great job!!

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