Kids clothing and the sport of running don’t mix…..I’d be rich if I had a dollar for every soccer, basketball, football or baseball piece of apparel I’ve seen for little boys – but try looking for something – anything related to running and you will find just about nothing. Why is this? Why is it that in this society we place so much importance on soccer, basketball, baseball or football? Why are they the cool sports?

I sometimes compare sports to the band and drama kids in high school – often times these kids are made fun of – they are usually not part of the “cool crowd” – yet these are our future celebrities – they are the singers, songwriters, actors, and directors of tomorrow.

I’ll admit that when I was in private school as a freshman in high school and was required to participate in a sport – I never even considered cross country or track. Besides the fact that I didn’t like to run – I did not think it was “cool” – so I went with soccer and lacrosse – both of which in hindsight I was never any good at. Looking back I now wish someone – anyone had told me that you don’t have to try to play the popular sports in order to fit in – that life is about finding your own personal passion not someone else’s.

I’m not bashing these sports simply saying that I wish as a society we promoted all sports. Is Tiger Woods any less cool than Michael Jordan? What about Danika Patrick? Any less of an athlete than Mia Hamm?


Last week I had the awesome fortune of meeting Meb Keflezighi. He was the honored guest at a the Capital Challenge Race( He needed to be picked up from the airport and taken to his hotel the day before the race and the race director asked me if I would like to do this – HECK YEAH! I was so excited to have an Olympian sitting in the front seat of my car!!(One who four days earlier had run a personal PR at the London Marathon with a blistering time of 2:09:21)


Fast forward a couple of days – I decided to run the Potomac River Run Marathon. Insert disclaimer *It is in no way smart to run a 2nd marathon within two weeks of another one – I in no way claim to be the smartest person – However I do think in life that you should do what makes you happy and this made me happy*

At said marathon I was thinking of Meb and how he was an Olympian and how it must be the coolest thing in the world to be one of the best at your sport. It was only at this exact moment amidst the pouring rain that I finally understood my Aunt’s passion for shooting.

My aunt is an International Trap Shooter and a good one at that. She has participated in the Olympics three times. Yes I said participated – not just attended – She is an Olympian. She was part of the Atlanta, Sydney and Athens games and can boast a 5th place finish at Sydney. 5th place in the world – not just some local meet – she came in 5th at the OLYMPICS!

While I may never be a shooter (actually I can pretty much assure you I will never be one) and I probably will never completely understand what draws her to the sport – I do now appreciate her sport and what she does. I can now proudly say I’ve sat next to two Olympians!

I hope that when Chloe and Miles grow up they will feel that whatever sport they choose IS cool whether it be running, football or trap shooting :0)

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