It’s not yet 11 am as I start to write this and I find myself feeling blessed.  Still stressed but definitely blessed. 

Stress = taking three children to Colton’s 2 week check up this morning, ALONE.

Blessed because at two weeks Colton weighs 8 lbs 14 oz.  A full pound larger than he weighed at birth and over a pound more than he weighed last Monday.  Hooray for nursing and hooray for a son who eats like a champ.  At two weeks he is officially too big for the newborn clothes that seemed baggy on him at the hospital.

Blessed because thanks to a great mommy friend of mine, I now have dinner for tonight sitting in my fridge.  The kindness of others is so very much appreciated always but most of all when you really need it, like when you just pop out a baby.

Blessed because I can fit into a pair of my jeans.  Sure they were the jeans that I wore at the beginning of my pregnancy and dubbed my “big girl” jeans but they seem small to me now. I’m thankful that at two weeks postpartum ALL the maternity clothes have been packed up.  I still have 13 more pounds to go to hit what I was this past March but this seems like a VERY manageable number. 

I know it will take awhile to gain back my shape and build back up the lost muscle.  I am however so thankful that I entered into this pregnancy in the best shape of my life.  It is making it much easier to return to that shape.

Blessed because my cousin, who is a very talented photographer, took pictures of my new family of five.  I know I will cherish them for forever.

Blessed because both of my sons are sleeping at this moment?!?!  Miles fell asleep in the car and didn’t wake up when I brought him in – HIP HIP HOORAY.  Colton is well doing what babies do best, well maybe just what he does best.

Blessed because at 8 days postpartum I did my first treadmill run to see how I felt.  It was only a mile and it was about a 10:20 pace, but it felt good to move.

Blessed again that at 11 days postpartum I was able to go for my first run outside since my last pregnant run.  I ran for 30 minutes, no Garmin.  The pace was slow, but again it just felt good to move.

Blessed that so many people have said so many kind words to me via phone, email, text, facebook, twitter and through this blog.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all making me feel so loved.

My list could go on and on……

Why do you feel Blessed today?  How could you help to make someone elses day Blessed?


  1. You are indeed blessed! And you look amazing!

    I am blessed because my dad made it through bypass surgery the other day.

  2. Mel -Tall Mom on the Run says:

    GReat post and wonderful Family photo!!

  3. You are indeed blessed and you look great!
    I am blessed because i became a mother my son was born 5 days ago and now i cant imagine my life without him anymore.

  4. Sarah Woulfin says:

    Thanks for sharing those blessings. What a lovely family picture!!

  5. you have a beautiful family!!!
    I am blessed because I am here and my boys are not fighting so far today! :)

  6. Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal says:

    Miss Zippy – Hooray for your dad!! Truly a blessing.

    Ness – your baby finally came :) CONGRATS!!!!!

    Caroline – boys not fighting? I think that counts as a blessing any day in my book.

  7. Stephanie Ellis says:

    Dorothy – Glad to hear that you are doing better. It's funny how with multiple kids some days are great, some horrible, and things can change so quickly over a few hours. I saw you this morning getting into your car, you look great!!

  8. Beautiful family photo. (you look amazing!)

    You are quickly getting back to the former you. I know you already know that you are carrying extra weight from nursing so 13 pounds is not "extra you." And 8 and 11 days post is very early for running, please be careful with your body. I know you know best for you.
    Sorry, it is the mother in me. I've have little ones in my house for a very very long time. Mothering. It's a hard habit to break.

  9. Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal says:

    Thanks Shelly :)

    Disclaimer: I am in no way endorsing returning to running before your body is ready. I hesitated to blog about my return because I don't want anyone to copy me or think my experiences are normal.

    You have to go with what works best for your body.

    After my first child I waited a very long time before returning to running, my body was not ready. With my second I again what I felt was a long time though not as long as it was the first time.

    I have been running and racing for 10 years now, so I would say that my body is reacting differently to childbirth than it would for a new mother or a new runner. I also was able to maintain my running up until Colton was born. (My last run being 3 miles running 3 days before I gave birth)

    There are certain indicators(that I don't want to gross any readers out by discussing) that you can discuss with your dr. to help you figure out when you are ready to slowly easy back into running![if you happen to be a new mom now or will be in the future]

    And Shelly makes a great point about nursing. I did not completely loose "the baby weight" until after I stopped nursing both of my children. There is a certain amout of fat that your body wants to and needs to hold on to in order to help you nourish your baby.

    So not to worry dear readers, I am taking it slowly and I love my baby so much that even if this was the weight I was at for the rest of my life I wouldn't be upset. He is worth it :)

  10. Stefanie Schocke says:

    WOW! You look amazing!!!!!!!! Congrats! I hope I look that good post-partum!

    Congrats on the awesome run!

  11. Beautiful blog and beautiful photo. It doesn't look like you had a baby two weeks ago. You are amazing!

  12. Beautiful family photo!

  13. what a great picture!! yes, you are truly blessed. Blessed today because I too, have 3 healthy beautiful children and now we get to spend the holiday weekend together!!

  14. Dorothy, I am blessed because my wonderful daughter alerted me to your blog so I could see your family picture! What a beautiful family! Made me laugh out loud at just the preciousness of it! I love that your list has only one "stress" among all those "blessed's"!

    Jean Myers

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