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13 days ago Colton was born.  It marks the first day that I have had all three children all day long.  I’d like to say that I am dressed, or that the house is clean, or that even all the kids are dressed.  I am not, it is not and they are not.

Chloe at age four is only 19 months or so older than Miles.  They are both at challenging ages. [I know some would argue that every age is a challenge] I feel like I have gotten nothing done today.  It’s not that I have done nothing – I have done a TON.

All three of them decided 5:30 am was a good time to get up this morning.  I needed to enter this day cheery in order to keep my patience and sanity for as long as possible – I did not let the early wake up call get me frustrated.  I’m trying to roll with the punches as they say……[who is they?]

Miles and Chloe keep waking Colton up.  Colton wants to be held – I don’t blame him.  The dogs are constantly barking.  My patience is there but it’s starting to get thin.

After much thought I’m going to have to become an early morning runner – say 4 am. [Anyone want to join me?]  Or a night time runner – say 8 pm. [night motivation is hard to find]  This will be a challenge.  I will adapt.  I will figure it out.

Did I mention that I signed up for the Boston Marathon?  Less than 5 months till race day.  For some reason the phrase – GO HARD OR GO HOME is coming to mind……I’m telling myself today nothing worth it is ever easy – I need to go hard.  My life doesn’t seem easy, my kids are not easy, my running is not easy – but it’s all worth it.

On a positive note – I’ve lost 22 lbs in 13 days!!


  1. I get the 4am need. I get up at 4:15 and meet my mom running buds at 4:45 for runs! You adjust….but peeling yourself up is the harder part..feel amazing afterwards!

  2. It is not easy but it will get easier….it will.
    8 pm I could not do that…4 am sounds easier..!
    congrats on the 22 lbs! that is really good!!!

  3. Karen the "Hungry Mom" says:

    dorothy if anyone can get up at 4 am and run its you! if even just once a week. lights at night with the running club is in december too, so theres one built-in evening run day with your friends! It will all work out. As meredith so eloquently coined it, welcome to "whack a mole" life :) Your positivity and gratitude will help get you through the day with a smile!

  4. Did you say 22 lbs in 13 days? What are you on TBL?? Wow you must be getting something done!

    My 2 year old doesn't believe in sleep. Last night he simply climbed out of bed (surprise!) and played in his room for hours. I heard him but ignored…until he yelled. I went over to put him back in his bed only to find he had colored – with markers – all over his..f.a.c.e.

    Yeah. Mom of the year, right here. not

  5. Lesley @ racingitoff.com says:

    3 is hard… any way you slice it or dice it. I bet things will fall into a better pattern once you start getting sleep again. My thoughts are with you as you adjust and adapt.

  6. Amanda@runninghood says:

    I remember these exact feelings! Now that my kids are 5, 3, and 16 months things are starting to feel so much easier. Hang in there. Congrats on registering for the Boston! I'm so impressed!

  7. Gracie (Complicated Day) says:

    Go with night. I love night runs!

  8. I got up at 3:30 am in the summer to run before my husband left for work. Since he commutes to DC from Rockville, he takes the first train out which leaves like at 5 am. If I need to get more than 6 in before he would leave, I HAD to get up early.

    My advice: Don't got back to sleep after the run… it made me even more tired… but then again, I had to go to bed (or I basically crashed) at the same time my kids did – 8pm.

  9. The Samsons says:

    I vote for the early morning run (you did it with Miles and I was in awe!), if you're anything like me adjusting to 3 and sleep deprivation, the run gives you some energy and endorphins to start your day. by 8pm I'm (and you might be as well) crabby and completely spent. But give yourself a break and ease into it too. 5 months is a long time, and you went into pregnancy super fit. It will come back easier than you think :)

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