I’m not getting any sleep.  I’d like to say it’s Colton, but it’s not.  Ok.  Occasionally it’s Colton, but for the most part it’s Miles.

Colton turned 4 weeks on Tuesday.  I know this is very soon to a. expect sleep, b. be running.  BUT I want both.

This past Saturday I met up with my local running club for the first time since Colton was born.  I was greeted with lots of smiling faces, congrats, and you-look-greats. I felt like it was my birthday or I had won the lottery or something.  I just felt happy.

It was cold and windy, but I didn’t care.  I was running.  I was running with friends.  6.6 miles later I was even more happy than I was before.  MR PIC and I ran together the whole time and I couldn’t help get excited for Boston training.  Am I looking forward to the 20 mile runs in the cold? No.  I am however looking forward to spending 3 uninterrupted-by-children hours with friends, doing something I love, something that will help my pre-baby body return, and something that makes me a better person, mom and wife.  I’m looking forward to all the conversations that are to come.  To the ups and downs on the road – figuratively and literally.

Mile 1 – 9:14
Mile 2 – 8:56
Mile 3 – 8:49
Mile 4 – 8:45
Mile 5 – 8:23
Mile 6 – 8:24

Monday my husband and I discussed a training/running schedule. 

He goes to work VERY early.  This means I would literally have to be running at 4 am – not getting up then – running then.  This will not work.  Partially because I am afraid to run alone in the cold and dark at that hour, but also because as mentioned above, our kids do not sleep.  This means hubby would be getting up at 4am and it’s ridiculous to think that he should have to wake up that early for me to get in a run. 

I’m going to run when he gets home from work. Yes there will be days when he will be late, and I will not get to go.  Knowing however that it’s a standing date with me and the roads every afternoon/early evening, makes it easier to stay motivated throughout the day.

Last winter the treadmill was my saviour.  I know it will again come in handy this winter too, however there is a new person to add to the training/running equation.  Colton.  With Miles not napping and Colton napping sporadically – I just can’t count on my treadmill runs like I did last winter.  I will need my husband this year for running, more than my treadmill. 

I know this time is fleeting.  I know this is the last time I will have a newborn. 

I’m being realistic. 

Monday I ran 5 lovely, cold and windy miles outside.  Lovely because I got to run. Lovely because I maintained a very even pace inspite of the sub-freezing temperature and wind.

Mile 1 – 9:03
Mile 2 – 9:08
Mile 3 – 9:04
Mile 4 – 9:00
Mile 5 – 9:00

Tuesday I went for my first 2nd day in a row run.  Three miles that were again windy, cold and hard.  I’m not complaining.  I got to run.

Mile 1 – 9:10
Mile 2 – 9:10
Mile 3 –  8:37

When you find yourself lacking motivation this winter.  Tell yourself that you get to run. 

You are lucky enough to be presented with the opportunity to run. 

We all have different reasons for running.  We have different reasons for why we may not be able to run as often or as far as we like.  We should be appreciative however of the times we can or do go.  Running is a gift.


  1. As always, I love your attitude and way with words.
    I also love "…my husband and I discussed a training/running schedule." It does take a team, marriage, running/racing, life.

  2. I agree with you 100%. I am a stay at home mom of 2 sons aged 4 and 6 and I see it as a gift also, gift of time for me and time well used.

  3. Lesley @ racingitoff.com says:

    It is a gift! Thanks for this post.

  4. Stefanie Schocke says:

    Nice negative splits on Saturday! 4 week old baby and you are doing awesome!

  5. excellent post Dorothy! love your way with words- inspired me to head for a speed workout! :)

  6. The Samsons says:

    I knew the group sped up at the end!!! It is a gift to run, and having been sick all week and not able to muster up the energy was a good reminder that I should enjoy the days I can go!

  7. It is a gift!! :)

  8. Great post thanks for the motivation. I am not getting any sleep or any run when my husband arrives home somehow between 6 and 8 pm my 3 weeks old is in a whining mood not sure how to leave for a run at that time and he might want to eat more frequently between these hours, how do you manage?

  9. I'm so impressed with your running and your times! I found lack of sleep to be so hard and it totally killed my running (and we even adopted, so I didn't have any physical recovery or anything). You're so right – it is a gift to be able to run and that is what I told myself today to get my lazy behind off the couch! Loved this post – you are such an encouragement to me :)

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    that's absolutely a great post!!!

  11. Yes, running is an absolute gift! I tell myself that every time I am out there. If we aren't grateful for running we will kick ourselves when there comes a time when we can't run.

    You are HONESTLY my inspiration. When I look at your marathon times and see your improvements I am reminded that the runner I am today is not the runner I will be next year. With hard work and determination I will be a better runner with each passing day. Your attitude and love for running shines in each of your posts and I can relate to those feelings of gratitude for running.

    Alright, that's all. :)

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