It’s raining it’s pouring the old man is snoring….

I wished it had either not rained all day yesterday or that I like the old man I could have taken the kind of nap that causes you to snore.

I am sort of in a mini funk. I have gained weight since the marathon. I am 7 pounds, to be exact, higher than I would like to be. I no longer have the focus of a marathon in the near future and it is sort of bumming me out. I think I have the post marathon blues, coupled with the fact that I still am not getting enough sleep for what my body wants.

I have mentioned before that I have this silly thing called Gilbert’s Syndrome. One of the side effects is feeling exhausted ALL the time. On the days I do not run I feel especially exhausted. Running, contrary to what most non-runners would think, gives me energy. I need to run not because I want to be fit, or because I ate too much, or because I want to place high at a race – I need to run so I am a happy mommy and have the energy to chase my kids around all day. To play games, to do flashcards, to sing songs and be present in the moment for them.

I tried to muster up the energy to run last night when they were in bed but I wanted sleep more. As I brushed my teeth and felt sorry for myself I looked over at my charging Garmin and saw the time was 8:18.

Allot of people probably think my number thing is weird. I truly believe it is God’s way of speaking to me and His way of letting me know that everything is okay. He has a plan for my life and I need not worry. I smiled when I saw that 8:18. Tomorrow is a new day Dorothy – maybe it will not rain in the morning.

I needed some confidence today. I needed some energy. I decided I was going to attempt to break my double stroller PR I set earlier this week.

I do not typically decide things like this in advance. It makes my mind worry too much and the stress causes me to not perform well. I usually decide things very last minute when it comes to running and races. I hoped that by deciding in advance I would not cause my mind to be a hurdle to a PR.

Mile 1: 9:15
Mile 2: 9:02
Mile 3: 8:56

I felt like there were two people sitting on my shoulders. One was good telling me – it was humid – I was tired and that’s why my pace was slower than I expected it to be. The other was telling me – Dorothy face it – you can not PR today – you are loosing your fitness – you have gained too much weight – try to run fast another day.

Sad thing is that I almost listened to that little negative man.

Mile 4: 8:06

Okay here goes nothing….

Mile 5: 6:34 – for a new double stroller mile PR

BLISS. I needed a confidence boost today. I needed to remind my mind of my post from the other day. I was and am proud of my body for all it does – slow miles and fast miles alike. I need to run out of this little funk.

Mile 6: 7:54

When I looked down at my Garmin after the run – I saw that my average pace for the entire run was 8:18. I could not even try to do that if I wanted to do that.

God does indeed have a plan for my life. I need to remember to happy in the moment. Happy in all the moments, not just those that happen during marathon training. 

I will admit though life has gotten WAY WAY harder with three children… definitely is better.

Is your mind a roadblock at times? How do you overcome this? Are there certain types of runs that give you confidence?


  1. Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog says:

    Holy stollers! You were booking it! Great run. I have never heard of Gilbert's Syndrome will be looking it up. I am with you though running gives me energy.

  2. Michelle says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! We all need to hear that even people we think are super stars hit a "wall" now and then. I think that Marathon Blues are the real deal. I am refraining from signing up from anything right now. My family needs a break from intense training, but on the other hand, I know I need a goal….still working on that one. Thanks for the motivation!

  3. Can I just say that you are a total BADASS?! When we run with the little dude I always make hubby push. I'm a jogging stroller wimp. You ROCK!

  4. crewser says:

    Wow…a 6:34 mile with a double jogging stroller…you are awesome! I definitely battle the mental roadblocks. If I stress myself out and try to run a certain time/pace, I end up struggling. I find I run my best races when I just go out relax and run my race, rather than focus on a specific time/pace.

  5. Chloe@321delish says:

    pretty sweet 5th mile! It is almost ALWAYS mind over matter.

  6. My mind is often my biggest road block but I'm learning how not to let it get the best of me.

    Congrats on getting out there and having an awesome run!

  7. Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS says:

    Your posts continue to give me chills!

  8. Shellyrm ~ just a country runner says:

    I just posted about how using my energy gives me more. It is sooo true!

    Love your messages 8:18! Great that you can so often see them.

    Your stroller PR is amazing.

  9. carlybananas says:

    This post gave me a huge smile. :)
    Great run. Way to push through those negative thoughts!!

  10. I recently discovered your blog and am so inspired! I share your passion for running, kiddos, and faith. They each strengthen each other. I have become a faster runner since having my son two and a half years ago – racing faster than I did when I competed in college. Your "my thighs rub" post inspired me to share this on my blog: Thank you!

  11. S Club Mama says:

    today I had such a mental breakthrough actually. About mile 10 (of my 13.2 mile run), I just died. I was so tired, I was not mentally focused…and I just said to myself, finish this run strong because there are a lot of people looking to you for inspiration (weird and humbling). So I just though of those women who have told me that I inspire them and ones I hope to inspire (my mom) to know that if I can finish a 13 mile run strong, they can totally do it, too!

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