A couple of weeks ago I went on Colton’s preschool trip with him. We went to Temple Hall Farm, a farm I had unknowingly driven by many a time while going to see my sister in Frederick. It took about 15 minutes to get to the farm, which is nothing in Northern Virginia. How I had no clue this 286 acre farm was right around the corner, I’ll never know.

Park 1
Park 3
Park 4
Park 5
Park 6
Park 8
Park 9
Park 10
Park 11

Colton and I were really excited to show Eric and “the kids” the park as well so we headed there on Saturday. There is this giant bounce thing there, that was closed when I took Colton, but really hoped was open on Saturday. Chloe and Miles are mostly past the age of being excited about farm animals. My age is going in reverse because I LOVE walking around farms, especially this one because many of the animals just roam around. This means that you better like turkeys because they could suddenly be gobbling at your feet.


Miles complained the entire way to the park – something about how boring it was going to be and why couldn’t we do something fun? When we got there he asked me why I didn’t tell him there wasa BOUNCE!!! I told him I didn’t want him to get here and be disappointed if the bounce wasn’t open AND HE TOLD ME that he would have been disappointed if we got here and he saw a bounce and it was closed, so there was no need not to tell him stuff in advance. Touché Miles. Needless to say, he had fun and even liked the animals.


I was surprised the park wasn’t more crowded considering it was Memorial Day weekend, but maybe not as many people know about this park?

Entrance to the park is free, the wagon ride was extra {Colton loved it}.

Come fall there is a corn Maze that looks fun based on their website and on online reviews. http://templehallfallfest.com/

Temple Hall Farm on Facebook

NOVA Parks on Twitter

There is a large sheltered area, so you can pack a lunch and stay out of the sun. There is a little playground next to the shelter for your littles to play and should your kids want to go over to the bounce there is stadium style seating so you can watch them.


All in all a fun place to take little people if you live in this area!


My 3 mile run that morning was a little speedier than I had intended. I will blame that on legs that were excited to move again after 5 days completely off from all exercise.

Mile 1: 8:28

Mile 2: 8:13

Mile 3: 7:58


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