Reader Round Up - Rachel 2

I don’t often share emails I get from readers. This one really touched me and I thought it might do the same to you. I’m sharing this with Rachel’s permission in hopes that this will help her fundraising efforts. Thank you for taking the time to read this! We are capable of amazing things……congrats Rachel….. Dorothy   […]

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Vegas 2012 1

I get mind blocks. My mom once went a year with out cleaning her car because she had a block about it. I get it. I get those type of mind blocks and no matter how hard it is to overcome them sometimes I can’t. I get mini blocks about writing race recaps. I don’t […]

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GFB Picture 2

I’m always on the search for food that tastes good, doesn’t hurt my stomach and actually works as quick fuel pre-run or post-run. I do not eat 100 percent gluten free, but have felt better since limiting the amount of gluten I eat. I started doing this because of stomach issues and have found that […]

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Run With Santa 5K

I wasn’t sure last night when I went to bed whether I would be racing today or attempting to run long. Rock N Roll Vegas Marathon had been a last minute decision, one that I hadn’t made when I decided to sign up for Potomac River Running’s Run With Santa 5K. I love racing. I […]

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I can’t believe it’s race morning and I’m sitting around hanging out. I could get used to this night race thing. No running around stressed the night before. No 3:30 am wake up calls to get up and drive to the race. I had a really yummy in my tummy breakfast [how do you not […]

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I’ve been a little out of sorts lately. Okay a lot out of sorts. Stress + lack of running + post marathon blues = very unhappy Dorothy. So when the opportunity arose to run YET another MARATHON how could I say no?!?! I’ve never been to VEGAS and what better way to see a city […]

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Marine Corps Marathon 2012 Cert

It’s been three weeks since Marathon #21. A LOT has happened since then – including the wonderfully painful Marathon #22. I don’t want to forget #21 mostly because I was happy, really happy. So here I sit, a in a state of self induced force, writing my own words down so years from now #21 doesn’t mesh together […]

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The other night I as a read Amby Burfoot’s book, The Runner’s Guide To The Meaning Of Life, I found the perfect words to talk about my post Marine Corps Marathon experience with Shalane Flanagan.   When I ran into her post race at MCM, near the Nissan For Endurance Booth, I felt GIDDY. She remembered who I […]

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My heart gets carried away every time I take a break from running. 6 days full recovery. No running, no cross training. NOTHING. It felt good up until a point. I needed to run today. My mind needed it, my body needed it, my heart needed it. Living so close to my favorite place to […]

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