Best of 2014

“With few exceptions, workout songs can be distinguished by two main attributes: popularity and speed. If a song has cracked the Top 40 chart and has a tempo above 125 beats per minute (BPM), there’s a good chance you’ll hear it in the gym. In this look back at 2014, you’ll find lots of songs […]

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Finally synched up my Tom Tom watch with the My Sports program on my computer! Once upon a time I was ruled by numbers when it came to my running, now I’m lucky when I remember how many miles I’ve ran that week. In 2015 I plan on finding a happy medium between tracking and […]

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Garmin 1

One of the ways I continuously help myself stay focused on my goals, is by reading health and fitness related books. It keeps my health on my mind perpetually, all while I learn new information. Yesterday I started Eat Move Sleep by Tom Rath, this morning I finished it. You may have heard of this […]

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Whole Foods 1

We are 11 days in to 2015, and I don’t know about you, but right about now  my goals for this year seem hard to focus on. The temperature outside is 18 degrees and I’m dreaming of being on the beach rather than getting outside to run. But focus we must if 2015 is the […]

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Since moving my treadmill earlier in the summer, I haven’t used it, not once. First it was because it was gathering dust in my garage, and then because I just didn’t want to. This is the first year I’ve been able to run four days a week without having to worry about pushing my kids, […]

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I lucked out when it came to cadets – Danielle’s brother in law happens to live in Hawaii and offered to take us around exploring the day before the marathon. While I typically wouldn’t recommend sightseeing the day before the race – it was HAWAII – so it seemed silly not to explore! After we […]

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Last December I had high hopes for 2014. I just KNEW it would be my year. The year I got everything together, the year I ran a sub 3:10 marathon, the year everything would fall into place. I was sure there was no way I was being naïve, I was going to be different from […]

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12-30 post 2

I was inspired the other day by a picture posted on instagram to give my office a little book makeover. Instead of having my books half organized by topic and half organized by the ones I had started and needed to finish, I decided to organize them by color. I’m in love with the way […]

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For the past ten days I’ve been eating Whole 30. I say eating and not doing Whole 30 because I drank on Christmas Eve and Christmas {Café Patron on the rocks – YUMMM}. I needed an internal reset after all the junk I ate in Hawaii. Eric likes to remind me that I didn’t eat THAT […]

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