When my children are bad we typically take something away from them that means something to them. Today has been one of those days where Colton is a crank and then is super loving – up – down – up – down. The only positive to the pissy mood he is in, is that he keeps saying […]

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One of the benefits of larger races versus smaller ones, are the expos. The latest and greatest gadgets that haven’t showed up at your local running store are on display, as well as your tried and true favorites. The expo is always an experience in and of itself. They are fun to attend whether you […]

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It’s marathon season. Not even a week ago, the world record for the men’s marathon was broken. The winner of the Berlin Marathon, Dennis Kimetto, finished with a blazing time of 2:02:57. This bested the previous record by 26 seconds. (Get it? 26 seconds over 26 miles? LOVE IT!) The time it took Dennis to run […]

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Old Waterford 1

It’s a minor pet peeve of mine when bloggers apologize for not writing. The world does not skip a beat if I don’t write a post – life goes on. I believe that no words are often better than too many words. I do however find myself in the situation where I own you an apology. I want […]

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MCM 2013

It’s September which means marathon season is upon us. Some runners have already attempted a last ditch effort at aualifying for Boston 2015, while others are gearing up for the major marathons held in October and November. Here is my list of WAY too many things you should pack to bring to a marathon. In my humble […]

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Morning Run Picture

Growing up my parents would always say to me – it’s not YOU we don’t trust – it’s other people. I’ve often reflected on this statement as a mother and as a runner. When it comes to being safe out on the roads, I’m not worried about myself. I’m worried about what other people will […]

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5 - 17 - 6

Looking for some new songs to add to your fall race playlist? Here are October’s top 10 from RunHundred.   “Pop rules in this month’s workout music recap. First off, you have the lingering effects of this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. Collaborations pairing Ariana Grande with Zedd and Iggy Azalea with Rita Ora both […]

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