Garmin 5

I’m less active in winter, there is no way around it. I enjoy snow, but not being cold. I’d prefer to look at the fresh snowfall from the comfort of my couch with a cup of tea in hand, than get all bundled up and head outside. During the summer I can’t spend enough time […]

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Whole Foods 3

Before I started working on the #PathToFit campaign my opinion of Whole Foods Market was GREAT food but expensive prices. I had this opinion without ever trying to shop for all my groceries there. It was a store I went shopping at when I wanted to splurge. What I learned by trying to shop Whole Foods on […]

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I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while now…..should you delete old blog posts? I’ve heard arguments on both sides, both make sense. I’ve read a bunch of articles I found on my trusty friend google, and can see from an SEO point of view why you might not want to get rid of […]

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Jillian 2

I’m a big fan of fitness DVD’s. For starters, they are less expensive than a gym membership. Secondly you can do them in the privacy of your own home. You can make all the mistakes you want, and not feel the same pressure you would in a classroom filled with other people who seem to […]

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Ran 4 miles on the treadmill this morning before Colton came downstairs and told me that Simon was gone. I told him not to lie to me, or I was going to get upset. He said Chloe was crying, he was gone, and he wasn’t lying.   I still didn’t believe him – he is […]

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No just 2

Over the past 10 or so years, I’ve worked more race expos than I can count. There is one takeaway that comes from every single expo that continues to blow my mind. The word JUST. Me: What race distance are you running this weekend? Runner: Just the half marathon. I know it’s not the marathon, but it’s long for me, […]

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Spongbob 2

Today is Day 13 of Whole 30 and I will admit I “cheated” by weighing myself. I 100% understand why you aren’t supposed to weigh yourself during this program. Day 1 you take photos, measurements, and weigh yourself and you aren’t supposed to do it again for remainder of the 30 days. BUT….this morning I felt […]

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Marathon Monday 2

“The highlight of this month’s workout music round-up is the balance it strikes between perennial favorites and relative newcomers. By veering between the two, the mix manages to send both familiar and fresh at the same time. Starting with the hits, you’ve got a pair of collaborations uniting Jessie J with 2 Chainz and Wyclef […]

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Time On The Clock

Once upon a time I loved writing race recaps…..I loved talking about the highs, the lows, the points where I pushed through and the times I wanted to hang up my running shoes forever. This was when there were all of 10 people reading my blog, all of whom were my friends. Friends have a […]

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