On this wonderfully warm morning as I set out to make my long run harder and hillier than normal I found myself thinking not of Boston but of Liz………. Liz was a girl whom I never met – she was a co-worker of my best friend – a friend to my friend. Her life was […]

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Today I found the largest hill near my house (Hunter Station near the W & OD) – I ran down it full speed and then ran up it with just as much vigor. Why did I do this? Because I was literally afraid to run up this hill. I see cyclists climb it all the […]

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I have been wanting to start writing about my “running thoughts” – my thoughts while running and my thoughts on running – for awhile now but I was hung up on my first entry. I wanted it to be great. Memorable. I have held off on writing it for fear that it would not live […]

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