I searched for a snazzy quote to go with this post, but found none, so I made up my own. It is very complicated and took me a long time to come up with. wink.
One should never assume.

I wrongly assumed that all my readers knew what nuun was!

For those of you who don’t….here is nuun….according to nuun.

drop a nuun tab into 16 ounces of water and in less than two minutes you have a complex electrolyte blend designed to keep you optimally hydrated with no sugars and no mess.

no sugars
nuun is formulated to contain no sugars or carbohydrates so you can solve your electrolyte requirements independent of energy needs. simply, we believe you are best to manage your energy. eat what you want: gels, bars, fruit, brownies….let nuun take care of the electrolytes and hydration.

optimally balanced
nuun contains sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium to maximise hydration and prevent cramping. it has been chosen for years by top athletes and tested at the toughest events and in the harshest conditions on earth.

clean light taste
nuun is purposefully developed with a light refreshing taste that’s not overwhelming when you’re on-the-go. with so many flavours to choose from, there is a nuun for every taste.

truly portable and ready when you are
use your own water. no need to search out a premixed sports drink. just drop one nuun tab in 16 ounces of water and you are good to go. the tough water resistant tube is perfect for your hand, pocket or hydration pack.

environmentally superior
at nuun, we care about the environment and encourage everyone to (re)use their own bottle. each tube of nuun makes twelve 16-ounce drinks. that’s millions of disposable bottles kept out of landfills every year.


  1. Do you use Nuun on your long runs, after long runs? What about during a race? I am new to your blog so I don't know if you have posted this before but what do you use for hydration during a marathon? what about long runs? I am running my first marathon on September 4th and need all the advice I can get!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Can you break the tablet in half? I re-use Deer Park sports bottles of water, so I'd probably have to break it into halves or thirds to get it to go in there.

  3. THANKS SO MUCH!! I have been hearing a lot about Nuun (plus one of my running friends just won some from a giveaway), but I had no idea what it was!

    I am so happy you posted this!

    I like the sugar-free aspect, I am going to have to give this a try! Keep us posted, please, on how you like it. Thanks!! :)

  4. Go team Nuun. Hope you (and me!)Get picked!

  5. Go Team Nuun! Good of you to help us know what nuun actually is!

  6. Interesting! I honestly didn't know what it was either. So you'd need to combine it with other fuel on long runs. Sounds great to me! Sugary sports drinks do not sit well in my stomach, so I must try this!

  7. Jessica (The Pace of Me) says:

    yay for nuun!!! i love it and am quickly becoming hooked in my daily life. it is just sooo yummy and makes me want to drink my water more on a daily basis :o)

  8. BabyWeightMyFatAss says:

    Love Nuun! I also break the tablets in half for my fuel belt bottles. I also might drink a few bottles of nuun during the week before a long run. Helps!

  9. Thanks for clarifying. I'm new to your blog and new to running. I love reading your blog!

  10. Michelle says:

    I love Nuun. I use it on long runs for sure. For those of you that have not used it before – it is worth a try. I have not used a sports drink since using Nuun and use at least (1) tablet during the day.

  11. Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal says:

    Carie – I use this for hydration before and after runs, as well as just drinking it whenever. I have tried using it during runs and it works well, but I prefer the taste of plain water while running. I don't use any sort of energy gels, drinks, etc on runs less than 14 or so miles – I have slowly tried to train my body to rely on my fat stores for energy during these runs. Runs higher than 14 miles I now use chews and bloks – I can do a posting on what I have found that works well for me.

    I no longer use sports drinks of any kind during a marathon because it was causing my stomach to bloat and slowing me down rather than helping keep me hydrated. I just drink water all 26.2 miles :)

  12. Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal says:

    Elizabeth – Yes! You can totally break it in half :) it has a nice little groove for doing just that.

  13. Great post. I think I will steal it for my blog as well. Thanks!

    I also realized recently that not everyone knows what Nuun is. I offered some to my friends and they looked at me with blank looks.

    I took a bunch on vacation and used it on hikes with my kids. It was great because they begged to have drinks of Nuun, which kept them hydrated in the high altitude.

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