One of the many reasons I train for and run long distances races is because I get a crazy high from the whole experience. I am an adrenaline junkie. I live for the brief but passing moments when your body is moving through the air faster and farther than you ever dreamed.

I live for the feeling you get when you know that nothing is physically left for your body to give, when your courage is the only thing pushing you through the last miles, closer and closer to the finish line. I enjoy the feeling of exhaustion from a long, hard effort. I love walking on dead legs, and having a hard time climbing down stairs.

I had a friend in high school that used to say *any day I am not sore is not a good day.* At the time I was not an athlete and only ran occasionally – this statement seemed bizarre to me. I understand it now. A day I do not run is NEVER as good as a day that I do run.

The days I run marathons are some of the best days of my life. 16 times I have had the pleasure of SHEER exhaustion. Countless runs I have gone on in my life just to achieve those precious moments that typically happen after mile 22 of a marathon.

This is why I am a long distance runner. This is why I am a distance runner who now loves relays.

I’m not a relay pro, though I wish I was. At this stage of my life, 3 little kids prohibit me from traveling all over the country running relays every summer weekend. I can promise you though if I didn’t have kids – I might be doing just that.
If you have never run a relay. YOU MUST.
I’m sad today. This adrenaline and endorphin junkie was in heaven all weekend. What is better than 1 race in a weekend? 2. What’s better than 2 races in a weekend? 3. What’s better than 3 races in a weekend? Running 3 races with awesome bloggers for an AWESOME company that makes a product I believe in.
All day it has been running through my head…..why do I miss Sweaty Emily, Health On The Run, Mason, This Mama Makes Stuff, According To Kelly, Enthusiastic Runner, Run For Margaritas, XLMIC, Tall Mom and all the other bloggers so much? Before Thursday I did not know Mason. Sweaty Emily, HOTR, and all the other bloggers were only people I followed virtually. Why do I feel this emptiness today for people I only just met?

I can’t explain it but I know that if you have run a relay before you know full well what I’m talking about.

I’m sad today because I am no longer with people who are social media addicts. People who love discussing what flavor nuun they are going to try in their next bottle of water. People who have to pee as many times as I do, and who don’t mind tweeting their requests to the president of a hydration company.
I miss cheering on someone who is injured but toughed it out and ran the most miles in a 28+ hour period than she has ever run!
I miss waiting eagerly at an exchange point wonder when Runner #1 will come in and asking my teammates if they think I have a chance to use the bathroom for the 3rd time in 10 minutes.
I miss getting *scolded* for eating all the Barney Butter.

I miss not being able to keep my eyes open but still sucking down a margarita, that despite being delicious, did not have enough salt. I miss my teammates, I miss NUUN. I sincerely hope that my life path crosses all of theirs again, and I hope it is sooner rather than later.

I am coming down from my adrenaline and endorphin high and it is no fun. Please take me back to Oregon!


  1. Why are we so crazy?? I feel the same way today. Coming down off that adrenaline high is no fun. BUT – I wouldn't change the experience for the world. If having amazing weekends like the past one with all of you means that I have to suffer from some post-relay blues afterward, then so be it.

    …but I don't want to suffer long. So we need to find another race! 😉 Either that or just all move to the same place so we can discuss long runs, races, and nuun every day of the week.

  2. Love the pictures! Love that you girls had such an amazing experience! I was praying for all of you. I feel like H2C and really any race is a lot like labor… much anticipated, not knowing how it will go, the blessings in the experience and the feeling as you cross that finish line/hold that baby in your arms. Things that make you want to press rewind. Things that make you smile. Things that you miss…

  3. It was so much fun. I am sad, too. It was so great to meet you and talk as much as we did… in the car and rooming together that first night :) Such a beautiful DYNAMO, you are. Do I sound like Yoda? lol Seriously impressed by your speed, sweetness, determination and smarts. You are one cool lady! I do so hope we get to meet again :)

  4. You all rocked. I love reading all the post ont he your relay. Thanks for all the pic's.

  5. Found your blog from Katie's "How We Roll". I'm running H2C next year (we raised money to guarantee our entry)…and can NOT wait!! 😀

  6. ((BTW our team blog is

  7. Jessica (Pace of Me) says:

    Oh my gosh SO AWESOME! All weekend I followed you on twitter and just felt such excitement and anticipation in my heart, knowing that you were having such an amazing adventure and sharing it with people who I knew would completely "get" every aspect of you and share in your passions, your fun and your guts. But oh my gosh how I wanted to e there tooooo! I have to do this one day and there is no question that I will. A relay is a must for me! I'm sorry you're sad today and coming down from that adrenaline/endorphin high but of course know it was worth it and I have no doubt you ladies will find a way to reunite! You are all filled with such determination nothing will stop you! I'm so happy you had such a magical time. and I love hearing ALL about it!!!!!! xxxooo

  8. Rachel McPhillips says:

    I think it's awesome what y'all did this past weekend! You ladies are truly an inspiration!!

  9. So awesome and amazing and wonderful and amazing (I think I said that already) I am sooo glad you experienced this and I LOVE living vicariously through you all!

  10. I know EXACTLY what you mean! For the last 3 years I have participated in a relay. These women I run with….I might only see a few of them once a year, but we pick up right where we left off! Being in a van for 36 hours, cheering each other on at points of total exhaustion and the whole experience are INCREDIBLE! I look forward to it all year long! Consider yourself addicted!

  11. Amazing!! I know words cannot describe how it was but being an adrenaline junkie too, I can only imagine and hope to one day do a relay as well. You all inspire me so much!!

  12. What an amazing experience!! So glad to hear you had a great time – I was loving the twitter updates and feeling jealous at the same time! I must find something like this in Australia.

  13. Sounds like you had just an awesome time and it looks like so much fun!! :)

  14. And I love that recollection of what looks like it was a phenomenal weekend! I love relays so much, and when I am sore and hurting and still have another leg to go…I sometimes question that, until that leg is finished and I am sad I dont have another 3 to go…

    Way to rock that relay!

  15. Stephanie says:

    Oh gosh I was not even there and i miss it. I have never done a relay but i really know i have to especially since i just watched the Hood to Coast video. Oh my goodness, what a chance of a lifetime you ladies have…hope you ahve put your name in the lottery for next year's hood to coast lol. I totally feel you btw on the bathroom every 10 minutes lol. R u around Sunday for blogger meet up and run on the MCM course. I have no way of matching your speedy self but would love to get to know you and chat and run :)

  16. Jeannie Gilbert says:

    Awesome Dorothy! I really love running long for the same reasons. I would love to do a relay like Ragnar or HTC some day. This fall, I am thinking of running my first trail 50K but we'll see how things pan out. Congrats on a great race with lots of greater runner!

  17. So fun to read about your relay experience! I had a blast when I did the Ragnar Relay Madison to Chicago this year.
    Still love following your blog Dorothy! Hope you have a great weekend!
    I tagged you in my bloggy game post. Hope you want to play along :)

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