I’ve been getting a plethora of nutrition emails lately so I thought I would begin to talk about it here. If you follow me on instagram you may have noticed a shift in how I eat.

How I Eat 4

Earlier in the year I wrote a post about feeling at war with my body.{http://www.mile-posts.com/2013/04/i-feel-at-war-with-my-body.html} I wasn’t finding all the answers I needed from traditional doctors. I felt very down and out {possibly depressed} with how my body and mind felt. I didn’t like how I looked on the outside – but it was more so that what I looked like on the outside was a reflection of how I felt on the inside. CRAP.

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I thought I was eating healthy and I didn’t understand why what I was eating was constantly “hurting my stomach.” When I would explain to people that the best I felt all day was before I ate and that the second I started eating everything went down hill from there, they though I was being ridiculous. When I would tell friends I was bloated they would say oh that’s no big deal – that happens to me – I’m sure you are being dramatic. I knew inside I wasn’t. When I told people my stomach hurt they didn’t even understand what that meant. Your stomach hurts? How? Well it just hurts.

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Another issue in my figure-out-what-is-making-me-feel-terrible-problem is that I have used food as a coping technique my whole life. Figuring out what was bothering me was a complex process – deciding what was a real issue with food and what was an issue that was more so mental.

Happy = eat

Bored = eat

Ran long = eat

Didn’t run = eat

Celebrating = eat

Mad = eat

Depressed = eat

Though I do not and have never had an eating disorder I realized that not only was food hurting me, in a very real way, but I also had a very unhealthy relationship with it.

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First – I do not believe in all things in moderation. For some of the population moderation is not possible. Is it okay for an alcoholic to drink in moderation? When I tell you that I overeat “not so great for me foods” when I am happy, sad or what not – I’m not kidding. When at the beach last month I was happy as could be, so I ate and ate and ate and ate. I had NO less than 15 donuts that week. I promise you that is not an exaggeration. In the car on the way home I ate almost 3 entire apple fritters. I wasn’t worried about getting fat, the issue is that the food was messing with my internal and mental health. If you can eat cupcakes, processed foods, chips, candy and the like and not have these things cause problems for you then more power to you if you want to eat them. I’m not judging you and I’m not saying I won’t ever eat a cupcake again. What I am saying is that I don’t want to turn to food for emotional reasons – I want to eat to fuel my activities and enjoy that food without pain.

How I Eat 1

It is still a work in process and something that I ate a month ago might not be something I am eating now. I am saving my pennies for some {not covered by insurance} allergy testing to officially see what foods are the culprits but in the mean time I’ve made the commitment to myself to respect myself enough to figure out what is going on and eat healthy unprocessed food. I’m am using a process of elimination to figure out what causes some of my health issues and it seems to be working.

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I recently showed this picture to a friend and said oh – look this is when I was pregnant. She looked at it and goes oh cute – when was that? I said to her – it was two weeks ago. She told me to shut up that there was NO WAY this was two weeks ago – my proof was that I had just bought the shirt and it was in Urban Outfitters stores right now. I think she finally believed me that when I say I get bloated, puffy and my stomach hurts – I am not lying.  {note: I was in no way sticking my stomach out for this picture, I was bloated, swollen and in pain – this picture was taken less than two months ago}

How I Eat 9

This was after eating a gluten free peanut butter rice bar. I have since removed rice and peanut butter from my diet. {I have had other bad experiences with rice and peanut butter – which is how I decided they were the culprits that day}

There is so much to talk about when it comes to nutrition in general and of course I have many thoughts on all the changes I have been making BUT it is not something I would be able to sum up in one post, so I will try to include little bits in my running posts.

How I Eat 5

One day {hopefully soon} I will have all this figured out and my stomach hurting all the time can be a thing of the past!! I already feel A MILLION TIMES better than I did even just two months ago. How I look on the outside right now is a reflection of how I feel on the inside. {also want to note that I have not lost weight since the first bloated picture was taken – I am just no longer puffy, swollen and bloated looking on a regular basis}

How I Eat 8

Have you had health issues that were resolved by changing what you eat? Food intolerances? How did you figure out what was bothering your body?

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  1. Hey…really just wanted to stop by and say hi. Love your Instagram pics and this is my first time on your blog. Great post above…our relationship with food is indeed a tricky one. Even I get the pregnant look once in awhile. It ain’t pretty.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! I feel like I am having the same problems! Just last week I showed my husband my bloated stomach and said Look! I’m pregnant! It was awful and I felt emotionally and physically miserable. Since then I have stopped eating pasta and breads. When I fix those things for my family, I fix a salad as my side dish. I even felt better when I did my long run this past Saturday. Please continue to post about your food ideas and thoughts. Thanks Dorothy!

  3. Thanks for this post. I’ve had the same bloating issues for years, and people never believe me! I recently started experimenting with a significantly reduced gluten diet to address similar bloating issues. I’m noticing a lot of improvement.

  4. Great post Dorothy! This hits home with me big time. I’ve suffered from stomach pains, bloating, & being just plain exhausted from being in the bathroom all day. People just don’t get it either if they don’t have problems. I’ve been told I’m prob lactose intolerant mildly & have IBS. I’ve always been told to find what triggers it but its so hard to do. I’m like you. I always reward myself with treats & eat fit all emotions. Plus food just tastes damn good & sugar is so addicting. :). Recently I’ve been trying to watch what I eat more -after 31 years- & even though I’m not eating as well as you I feel so much better. Until I go out last night with the girls & now I’m suffering today. I did just realize that meat like beef, pork, etc is a trigger. So I’ve pretty much cut that out. I feel best when I do fruits & veggies plain & simple. I know that coffee is another trigger but I don’t wanna give it up completely. So it is a process & now I’m finally ready to feel better & make the effort. It helps so much to know that you are in the same boat & I love seeing your food pictures!

  5. i LOVE this post. Especially your realization that what you looked like on the outside was a reflection of how you felt on the inside. I realized the same thing recently and reading this post was exactly what I needed after a rough morning (stomach-wise, running-wise). I’ve had hormonal imbalances, GI issues, bloating, fatigue,and anxiety resolved after discovering I was gluten and casein intolerant through blood work. I’ve also been checked for nutritional deficiencies (all through a local naturopath).Then discovered sensitivities to peanut butter, oats, and apples the same way you discovered your problem with rice and peanut butter. Switching to a diet rich in whole foods has been life-changing for me and I’m glad you’re feeling better :)

  6. I’ve definitely had food issues in the past. I am a believer in the everything in moderation philosophy but it comes with a caveat. As I work through the usual ebbs and flows of my relationship with food, I know I feel better without the ‘junk’ and keeping that to a very minimum amount is what works for me but there are certainly days where I still stick in some not so great things and it can all balance out!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for posting this! My stomach does the same exact thing. I thought it was from being “lazy” or something; but then I also took out a lot of stuff from my diet and my tummy is much happier.


  8. Wow I feel like I was reading something I might have written about how I feel and how my stomach feels most of the time. I’m puffy and bloated as soon as I start eating and it gets progressively worse throughout the day for me to. It actually freaks me out how pregnant I look by the end of the day.

  9. A few yrs ago after my husband and I went out for ice cream I noticed myself getting really bloated, horrible stomach pains-stabbing pains, and feeling all around terrible a few hours after eating. I did a lot of research on lactose intolerance and it isn’t uncommon for women to develop this issue in our 20’s because our body stops developing lactase which breaks down lactose in foods. I went dairy free for a few weeks and then tried ice cream again- same bloated feeling, stabbing pain. Went dairy free a few more weeks then had some cheese-same results. I experimented further with yogurt and milk and had same issues. So I’ve been dairy-free for 4 years now and feel much better. Since being a full vegan I’ve achieved all of my current PR’s and my blood work always comes back healthy-even my iron levels-I was anemic in high school for some time. I’ve noticed recently that if I treat myself to a soy vanilla latte I feel bloated and cruddy, not in pain but a little ‘off’. I’m happy you are being an informed consumer and experimenting to figure out what is the culprit, it isn’t always easy to eat whole, unprocessed foods but the extra planning is so worth it in the end!!!

  10. This is such an important topic! I work with clients around elimination diets and determining what they do and do not tolerate well as a holistic health coach and there is a TON of info that traditional doctors can’t give you- mostly because they just don’t know it! Most are not trained in nutrition or food sensitivities. I’m so glad you’re figuring it all out! Allergy tests are awesome, but if you have the patience you can get much of the same info via the elimination diet (plus considering your blood type, metabolic type, etc- lots of other feedback!) By the way, you’re not alone. I’ve dealt with a lot of bloating the the past two and am slowly but surely cleaning out the foods that I don’t tolerate. It’s crazy that they are often healthy foods- beans and cauliflower for me, but everyone is different!

  11. This is such a great post, and came at just the right time. I have been struggling with my stomach lately – I actually have an ulcer at the moment. And I have been looking for foods and a diet that will help heal it. It has been interesting to note the food and things that have been a red flag for me (some of them my favourites) and trying to get back on track.

  12. So sorry you are dealing w/these stomach issues/bloating. Process of elimination, figuring out what foods works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, being the guinea pig sucks. I went through months of this, it was like a switch in my system, everything I ate was foreign to my body. Months and months of testing, even had surgery. Eventually figured out I was gluten intolerant, dairy intolerant and I stopped eating red meat as well (I am able to eat fish). Whew, it was the worse eight months, but thankful for the diagnosis. Good luck Dorothy…you truly are an inspiration!!

  13. I’ve experienced so many of the same things that you’re going through and would certainly describe my relationship with food similarly. I think a food allergy test is a great idea (a year ago I discovered I had an allergy to gluten), but I think you’re otherwise on the right track filling your diet with whole foods and real ingredients. About five months ago, I quit sugar, and it was one of the greatest eating decisions I have ever made. I never realized how many packaged foods (that are otherwise savory) are stuffed full of refined sugars — not to mention all kinds of other nasty additives. There’s a bit more about my sugar-quit story on my site (http://leafparade.com/2013/03/22/i-quit-sugar/). The film Hungry For Change also has a lot of really interesting and enlightening information!

  14. I used to get bloated like that too. I realized it was caused from dairy and gluten (mostly dairy, though). I am now 100% dairy-free and almost gluten-free. Not only do I look better but I feel amazing.

  15. You should check out geek turned athlete’s blog. http://www.geekturnedathlete.com She is working really hard right now to solve her stomach issues and is writing about the process.

  16. Having food issues is really hard. I completely understand, I’ve had an achy stomach all my life. That picture you showed could have easily been one I took of myself. When I get bloated I look pregnant and it DOES hurt!! And you are right, most people don’t get it. It’s taken me several years to figure things out, and it’s still not a perfect science. For a long time I thought I was gluten intolerant even though a blood test showed I was not but the more processed the food the worse I feel. Garlic is a huge culprit for me, and once I quit eating it the majority of my bloating episodes went down. Anything with corn syrup in it and the sugar substitutes, and msg bothers me with headaches. I can’t use protein powders. The sorbitol in Nuun gave me a stomach ache, gatorade gives me a stomach ache. But, I think my stomach has healed over time too, because I used to get stomach aches from milk, and recently started drinking whole milk from a local dairy and it’s been delicious and no stomach aches. I used take advil cold and sinus daily for allergies and I wonder if taking NASIDS on the regular messed up my stomach so I now use them sparingly. My traditional doc was of no help, they told me I had IBS, sweet guy but I had to take charge and do it on my own. I don’t have IBS, processed food and a couple other things was my problem. I also gave up regular coffee for tea and decaf because it was affecting my breast tissue. My husband calls me the canary, I guess for good reasons. I love the food pictures, they look wonderful. Keep them coming and good luck with your food testing.

  17. It seems we are on the same pathway with nutrition. My stomach was hurting for two months, or more…I lost track of time. My doctor ran tests and no cause was found. Before the endoscopy last Friday I made a choice. My “gut” told me they were not going to find anything wrong so I had to do something. I had already been tracking my food intake and stomach pain looking for a trigger. At first, I wanted to know if it was the new sports nutrition line I started using. Nope. It wasn’t. But I knew I didn’t feel “right” after certain meals and thought, hey, I will give this elimination thing a try. I started with dairy.

    Then I started tracking food with symptoms noting if things started feeling off after I ate. This was a better proces since I wasn’t just thinking the stomach pain, anything. Day 0: Eat normal. Hmmm…everytime I ate dairy I got stuffier. Day 1: Start dairy free. I am on to something. Once I cut out dairy my tummy bloating went down 3/4 of an inch overnight. I don’t want to feel that way anymore.

    The good news. I am no longer stuffy and I wake up able to breath. Can’t remember that happening since I was pregnant! I still have A LOT to figure out but am glad to be on this journey with my doctor’s support.

  18. This was a really well-thought out post. I bet you are super glad that you took a picture of your bloated belly. I wish I had had the courage to take more of mine too. To show the doctors, friends, family. I think I just hid it really really well. But I so wish I had taken a picture at it’s worst because I looked pregnant as well.

    Great job on trying to listen to what your body tells you! It’s awesome to hear that you are doing better. I’m still struggling to find out what is going on. I react to literally every food I eat, so I just choose the ones that elicit the least dramatic response right now.

  19. The expression on your face in the two photos really shows the difference in how you feel! Have you thought about keeping a food journal? It was recommended to me by my doc after I had similar issues, and it really helped me look for dietary trends that led to feeling crappy. Glad to hear that things are improving.

  20. Krystin Castro says:

    Thank you for sharing.. its such a hard process. I struggle with not emotionally eating as well and I always say if I didn’t run I would be overweight for sure. Working on finding hte balance of not eating because I am happy, sad, mad! Its a slow process and I hope in your journey you will figure out what are the culprits, it sounds like you have already started!

  21. Kathleen M says:

    If you saw me yesterday, I would look just like you did in your bloated picture. I have noticed that if I cut dairy out, the bloating goes down. The stomach aches and runner’s trots still arrive though so I have been tracking what I eat and trying to avoid fiber as much as possible. I would love to hear what you found has been working for you as well.

  22. I used to feel super sick all the time. Not really tummy sick (well, I was, I didn’t realize it though), but exhausted and in pain. Then I found out I had celiac. Going gluten free helped, but then I realized I reacted to oats, rice, and corn, so I went Paleo. It’s been amazing! But when I cheat on paleo (though I never cheat with gluten – having celiac is no joke there) I get sick really fast!

  23. Wow! What you posted sounds just like me. I have been running for a long time and for the past year or so was noticing stomach issues that kept getting worse. I just chalked it up to something I ate not agreeing with me. I kept hearing all these things about gluten and how gutlen sensitivities are more prevalent now. Being an RN I knew what going to the Dr would mean (possibly a colonoscopy since I was bleeding at time too.). I decided to cut out gluten for 3 weeks to see how I felt. All my symptoms DISAPPEARED!!!! No more cramping, blood, nothing. I went further and just cut out processed foods. Food really does have an affect on our bodies, especially now since they are toying with things we eat and genetically modifying it. Eating well AND exercising is key to prevention of chronic illness.

  24. Have you ever heard of food combining? I’ve had stomach problems (very similar to yours) my whole life and food combining has been a game changer!

  25. Thanks for this post, Dorothy! I used to struggle tremendously with constant stomach pain. I was 20+ lbs overweight and ate like a good southern girl. I finally decided I’d had enough and with the help of a bf at the time I started working out and training for my first triathlon. I dropped the 20 lbs but didn’t change much about my diet. I kept having the awful stomach pains every day. Food was not my friend. I finally started eating healthier; less pre-packaged foods and less sweets. I was at a point where I feared I was gluten intolerant because it seemed like all food upset my stomach, but changing my diet helped tremendously. I’ve continued to learn about my body and have come to the conclusion that I have a bit of a dairy intolerance and, in spite of my dairy love, especially yogurt, I do best if I limit myself to one cup of milk and one yogurt cup per day. I also find that I feel my best when I eat simple, clean, unprocessed vegetables as opposed to meats, sweets, and heavily sauced/seasoned foods. I also really want to visit an allergist because I develop severe histamine reactions to things (most recently poison ivy), unfortunately, a teacher’s salary and crap insurance doesn’t really allow for that.

  26. I’ve been dealing with similar issues, it’s making me modify how and what I eat. It’s also great in that this change is better representative of the foods I need to eat to fuel my training. Hopefully you can figure out if there are any allergies!

  27. All I can say is that I could’ve wrote this post. It’s been almost 2 weeks since I made the same decision. I can mow down a whole box of wheat thins/crackers. I can eat more than my husband. I run 60 miles a week but that does not negate all the empty calories from all the crap. processed carbs just don’t work for me. And it’s a hard fact. because in theory I do believe in moderation. Just not for me. In the last two weeks I’ve eliminated processed foods and sugar and grain and I feel in control and a million times better. Bloat is gone. And so is the manic desire to eat crappy food. Anyhow it was great to read this from you. I’m in the exact same boat right now. Go us:) cheers to self discovery!

  28. OMG I have this problem too!! I went to the doctor and she told me to just accept my body. My stomach looks like your bloated picture all the time and I just figured I’d never have a flat belly. What foods have you cut out besides PB and rice? I also cut out those foods but no change :-/

  29. Hello there – perhaps I missed a disclaimer somewhere noting that you are not a nutrition expert by any means (unless I also missed the part where you obtained a degree in nutrition, did a dietetic internship and passed the RD exam) and anything you include on this blog or information/advice you give to readers is based largely on your personal experiences and opinions. It’s clear nutrition is of interest to you, which is great, but transparency and ethics are important here as you are not qualified to give nutrition advice. Licensed nutrition professionals like myself use reputable research, our clinical experience, continuing education, etc. to develop individual recommendations and plans for our patients, and there is a reason why we go through so much schooling and training before we are able to practice. I would hope that when you receive these questions on nutrition – especially anything resembling medical nutrition therapy – you direct your readers to a qualified professional (i.e., an RD). There is already a plethora if misinformation out there, and we (registered dietitians) already have our work cut out for us in shifting the focus to the nutrition facts and away from the fads.

  30. My stomach gets the same way — I look 3 mos. pregnant. I’m interested to hear how you’ve changed you’re diet… glad you’re feeling better! :)

  31. Dorothy – I feel your pain! In October I removed wheat from my diet because of the extreme 5-months-pregnant belly and severe pain I would get after eating it. 90% of my family/friends were NOT supportive of the decision and sticking to real food for both me and my family is sometimes a struggle outside the home. Do what makes you feel good, don’t let outside pressure or judgements change what you know is best. (Now…if I could only take that advice for myself!) Thanks for sharing!

  32. Thank you SO MUCH for this post! I am suffering the exact same problems at the age of 20- and I get that same size where I look like I’m completely pregnant. Its awful and painful and so embarrassing!! Please follow up with your journey and how you figured out your triggers! I could seriously use any and all advice I can get. I am having a lot of trouble figuring out what is bothering me!

  33. I can’t help but notice a bit of a condescending attitude and “snarkiness” about your comment – I have a hard time with people who go to read a blog (which to me, by definition almost means someones own personal space of the internet where their opinion is expressed) and judge the content written. This post was a well written portrayal of Dorothy’s own experience with food and it was riddled with sentiments that made it very clear that she was sharing her struggle with figuring out what is going on with her body and her relationship with food. Personally, I stay as far away as I can from Dieticians for that exact reason – you are trained a certain way and have to practice what you learned to get that degree – you have no choice in the matter, when in reality, there are many ways of existing around food. Just because you learned it from an institution, does not make it hard and fast and the only way to live. I am sure Dorothy gets quite a few emails from readers, and it is likely that these are readers that have come to know Dorothy through her blog, who respect her opinion and know that they are not getting a reply from a dietician. I will often consult friends or other resources about nutrition, and do not need a disclaimer that they are not in fact certified to talk about nutrition. You have a blog about running and food. There is no need to put a disclaimer on every training post that you are not a certified fitness professional or running coach, because it is your blog. I get very passionate about food because I agree that there is a plethora of misinformation, and I think some of it is from educated people with a degrees in dietetics and nutrition and from a society that is very money greedy and will promote what pays. A degree does not make you an authority on the matter, and likewise, someone without a degree in anything food related is not an idiot and does have a right to talk about nutrition, on a blog, in a personal manner, without putting out every possible disclaimer known to man. People are too sensitive to food subjects. It honestly drives me crazy. Food is survival, and an individual does not need a degree to talk about what foods they like or don’t like. I do not for one second trust anything put out by the US government, telling me about “my plate” and what should be on it – there are far too many politics and far too much money involved in these different industries. Everyone has to be their own advocate. To each his own.

  34. This post is literally my life. I ate junk for years, cleaned up my diet, and then food intolerances started popping up left and right. My family STILL acts like I am anorexic and food depriving, because “I ate that before, it was fine, so you are just being dramatic and disordered now”. I had chronic inflammation and it was just masked by routine for years. Now, I get violently ill when I eat something weird. I ate barley three weeks ago on accident in some tempeh, and my left leg/foot swelled up to the point where I couldn’t even wear shoes, and flip flop tops left a huge indentation on my foot like a memory foam mattress. Your “preggo” picture was me three weeks ago and I was miserable to the max and don’t wish that on anyone, so I’m so sorry you went through that, it was hell.

    So now, I get “made fun of” for food intolerances by my family, get shunned and ridiculed for bringing my own food to functions, avoid eating out because I have to ask so many questions of the waiter and sit through the sighs of my family and friends. It’s not fun, at all. Peanuts for the aflatoxin, wheat/barley for the gliadin, dairy for the lactose/whey, and sugar causes immediate inflammation in my mucous membranes. It’s sad I can’t eat what I want and I’m so scared to death of food at this point that I basically eat raw vegetables and hypoallergenic protein powder. I hate eating, I wish I could just never eat again sometimes.

  35. Um, that picture is crazy! I can’t believe your stomach was that sick and bloated. Good to hear you’re starting to figure it out. Sometimes, there’s not some big medical answer, it’s just the everyday things, right?

  36. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I’ve changed what I eat, too. I had irritable bowel syndrome, and often experienced The Big D, and cramping, gas, etc. When the Wheat Belly book came out, by Dr. William Davis, I was very interested. I checked out the book from the library. Didn’t like what I read. Give up wheat? My beloved carbs? Cereal? Pancakes? Waffles? Lefse? PIZZA? Wasn’t ready for that. Checked it out 2-3 more times. More reading, still not ready. Bought the book. Fast forward to 3 months ago. We were going on vacation. I brought it along, just to read, in case. Hubby and I had some spare time, and ended up reading it together. Together we decided to go for it. To date, I’ve lost 29.5 pounds. He’s lost over 20. We both feel awesome. I’m down a size or 2. Modern wheat is terrible for you. It is not the wheat of even 35 years ago. It creates actual addiction. Schizophrenics improve drastically without it. My food cravings are GONE! My foggy brain is clear. My skin looks better. My snoring is much more seldom and much quieter (no more waking up with a sore throat). Pulse dropped from 70-80 bpm to 60 (and I haven’t been exercising). Gas is gone. Big D – gone. I’m eating much more healthful foods. Not really missing the grains, sugar, potatoes, and rice. I snack on nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, cheese. Drink lots of water. I feel wonderful. :)

  37. Good for you! Have you read Wheat Belly?

  38. I, too, thought I was eating healthy but have begun to notice that I’m just not feeling my best. At first I thought it was the increase in my mileage from marathon training but now I’m thinking it’s something that I’ve been eating. Everyone’s body is different so there’s no one size fits all method of eating. Thanks for being honest and raising awareness.

  39. My body has changed and so has what foods my body can tolerate! It is crazy how that happens and sometimes it can be frustrating, stressful, and flat out annoying. I’ve learned to listen, be patient, and experiment with foods to figure out what works for ME and what makes me feel good during my training sessions, but also fuel me through busy days. It isn’t easy, but when it feels good, it feels good. I’m not perfect and I’m still learning, but it is part of life and you need to embrace it.

  40. Great post! Thanks for being so honest, I too find that I eat my emotions and for any reason. Have you read, “It Starts with Food?” or checked out http://whole9life.com? A TON of my issues were answered by the work this couple is doing, it’s still hard to be gluten free (because I really want that donut sometimes) but at least I know why I shouldn’t have it and what to expect to happen when I do! Thanks again and good luck on your journey!

  41. I feel you with this food post – especially the “moderation” bit. I consider myself to be a very “healthy” person. I’m vegetarian, eat vegetables for most meals – many colors, many textures, raw, cooked, etc…I NEVER EVER eat fast food, avoid processed foods, and almost never eat “empty” carbs. Work out 5-6 days per week, strength, running, cycling.


    I have issues with sweets. Brownies, cookies, cake, ice cream, donuts. I DON’T buy them because if they are around….I WILL eat them. I will eat them until they’re gone. I will binge eat them. My relationship with sweets is like an alcoholic (I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true). It’s not ok for me to have them in moderation, because I can’t handle them in moderation. I have to just accept the fact that I DO NOT EAT SWEETS. When I do binge eat them, I feel bad about myself, get sleepy, and it causes me to kind of slide down a slope of poor eating. I’ve felt sorry for myself for not being “one of those people who can eat one cookie” and be happy, but that’s just not who I am…just gotta deal.

    Thanks for this post! Glad you seem to be back on the right track. We’re all works in progress – not perfect – ever trying to improve :-)

  42. I have a thin frame, as you do, and my stomach will do the same thing. For me, it’s gluten and dairy, especially together. I HATE that feeling! I’m glad you were able to figure out what was causing it.

    On another note, I listed to your interview on Another Mother Runner last night while I was running w/ my daughter in the jogger. Your tips for finding time as a mom were so good! I enjoyed the interview very much. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  43. I did read “Wheat Belly”, that’s what sparked the thought that wheat might be the culprit. My 5-year old has benefited too!

  44. I did read “Wheat Belly”, that’s what sparked the thought that wheat might be the culprit. My 5-year old has benefited too!

  45. A few years ago, I had the same problem: stomach hurting and bloating after some meals. I went to a gastro doctor and they took pictures of my intestines. Come to find out, it was sugar that was giving me problems. So no sugar for me.

  46. I totally get that belly, too! It goes away when I use spelt instead of wheat. Your post is encouraging me to make the change more permanently. Thanks!

  47. Great post and I enjoyed learning this enormous sharing as well!! You’re very serious about your food eating habit and I like your courage of changing food schedule time by. To have healthy body fitness I believe food and exercising keeps enormous contribution and your post encouraging me to follow healthy living ways to live happily and nicely. Thanks. :)

  48. Thanks for sharing your experience! Food is information, and thankfully, we can learn what foods work best for each of us by experimenting or doing allergy testing. I have had very similar issues – extreme bloating and pain – and it’s been a lot of self-experimentation and an allergy testing, and I am slowly starting to feel better (at the worst – I didn’t even want to run much because it was so uncomfortable). You could take a look into the FODMAPs diet – it’s a dietary approach for IBS, and it’s personally worked wonders for my bloating. Kate Scarlata, RD has a great blog all about it (blog.katescarlata.com). I’ve also heard good things about LEAP testing for food intolerances.

  49. I agree with everything Katie said. I am also surprised that as an RD, you felt the need to leave a disparaging comment on a post that simply said “this is what has worked for me and my body.” There were no statements in the post offering advice on what to eat or how to fuel. Comments like this one give RDs a bad reputation and I sense this one came from some level of insecurity. Wouldn’t it have been more productive to provide links to RD-approved resources for “proper” nutrition information? I would have been all over those links.

  50. Hi guys – in reading back through the comments, I completely agree in that I could have expressed my thoughts/opinions in a different, more beneficial way. Call it a moment of culminating frustration in regards to so much misinformation out there about nutrition (not on this blog, but in general). I don’t know what the answer is to “fix” this or if it will ever be “fixed,” but realize my comment was improperly directed and likely not a step in the right direction. This is and always will be a unique and sensitive topic, and I appreciate hearing your thoughts/criticisms.

  51. Thanks for this great post!! I have had a very complex relationship with food for my entire life. I also suffered tremendously for years from all sorts of things from hives, to stomach aches, to infections. I completely agree that everyone is different and what may work for you may not work for me. I was finally diagnosed with food allergies a few years ago, and it was incredible to see that within two weeks of eliminating those foods from my diet, that all of my symptoms disappeared. Best of luck to you!!!

  52. We really are what we eat… I feel so much better when I stay away from the processed food, but sometimes the convenience (and cravings) are too much! Good luck with the allergy testing. It will be good for you to see what you need to stay away from, and even better to see how you feel when you stay away from those foods. Please write follow-ups along your journey.

  53. Sparkles says:

    #1 Gr8 post on food allergies! I had horrible stomach issues & now feel much better b/c I stopped eating bread, pasta, rice and junk food. The theory that people need to “carb up” and “load up on carbs” to get energy is not good. It’s making America fat. There are plenty of other healthy, gr8 tasting foods that offer energy.

    #2 I agree with msfitrunner’s (Katie) comment. You are spot on.

  54. Thank you for your follow up comment! I’ll admit that I haven’t posted until now because anything I was going to write back to you wasn’t nice. I do have a disclaimer on my blog saying that I am not a doctor and that YES I am a running coach but I am likely not your running coach. From the comments it’s clear that many people can understand the issues that I am having and maybe seeing what changes I make can help them in their journey. I am only giving my personal opinion. I have had so many snotty comments from doctors and the like that your comment put me over the edge. People take one look at me and think I look healthy and young so it all must be in my head. It’s not in my head. There are very real issues that I am trying to figure out and I would love it if I had more help rather than coming up against more walls.

    I have had very helpful comments and personal emails sent to me that helped me to find the right tests to ask certain doctors – so I will continue to write about my journey towards better health. We should foster and encourage everyone to learn about their health – not beat down people because they do not have a degree in it. I do understand your frustrations with so called Healthy Living Blogs and understand why you may have misdirected your anger at me. When I started this blog I had no idea what HLB’s were and honestly had no idea people even blogged about running. Some friends had mom blogs – I didn’t want to put my children’s lives out there like that – so I decided to talk about running. Anything I say on this blog, even in regards to running is all from personal experience and should be copied only at the persons own risk. There are good blogs and there are bad blogs and it’s up to the reader to figure out who is giving good advice and who doesn’t know what they are talking about. Anyways – thank you again for your comment and I’m sorry that my post frustrated you. I think we both want the same thing – to help people get healthy!

  55. Emily D. says:

    I really appreciate and relate to this post! I suffered from horrible stomach pains after every meal for about 4 years, without a doctor being able to diagnose anything. Finally, I found a naturalistic doctor that absolutely changed my life. I cut out dairy, gluten and soy and almost immediately felt better. I hope that you can find relief and restored vitality!!

  56. I can empathize with food making you hurt and bloat. i could never figure it out wither. Then I started following Paleo 6 weeks ago…amazing difference!! I’ll never go back to the old way of eating.

  57. What I have been eating lately is pretty much Paleo – though after finding out I have oral allergy syndrome – I’ve had to eliminate some *healthy* foods too. I agree – I’ll never go back to eating the way I did ever again!! Congrats on making the change :)

  58. I struggled for years with issues similar to what you describe and didn’t not get the help from traditional MD’s. I finally went to a Natropath and she put me on the blood type diet. I’m a skeptic my nature but I tried it and it worked like a charm. I cannot recommend it enough. I just found your blog and thank you so much for the inspiration. I’m a new runner at age 30 and have encountered a lot of snobbery in my local running community unfortunately, so it’s nice to hear such encouragement towards newbies.

  59. Thank you for posting about this. I have stomach problems too and recently decided I need to refocus on whole foods. You’re an inspiration in so many ways!

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