In my life the excitement of marathon season is not matched by anything else.

Today was filled with watching the New York Marathon, tweeting about it, and being filled with joy as so many runners I know virtually and in real life dreamed big. My uncle ran his second fastest marathon. I couldn’t be more proud! The pictures are his from the race start.

Tell me how you dreamed big this weekend? Was it at NYC? Another race? At home on your own run? 

Don’t be shy – this is a place to toot your own horn so we can congratulate you!


  1. Mandi Runs says:

    I PR'ed & completed a sub 2 hour half marathon… 1:53 baby!!! SO HAPPY. Speed work & hills do amazing things!

  2. Jessica (Pace of Me) says:

    I dreamed big this weekend by updating my blog and "putting myself out there" more. I feel like I'm jumping off an edge – limits I may have set for myself at one point are being tested and I am taking a LEAP of FAITH and pouring my self into my dreams. I know I have told you this, but you have so much to do with that and I cannot thank you enough for helping me find the courage to spread my wings and DREAM BIG!! xxoo

  3. I ran 4 miles yesterday on my 34th birthday! When I run outside in a non-race situation my pace is usually around 12 min/mile…not sure what happened yesterday but I ended up with a 10:50 overall pace. It felt hard but not like I was going to die….Not sure why I kept that pace the whole time or what it means for my training runs, but I'll take it and enjoy it! I also did 2 full pullups on my own on Thursday!! This is a big deal as the last time I tried I was having doing chin ups!! I NEVER have been able to do a full pull up before!!! Congrats to your uncle!!

  4. Lindsay @ Lindsay's List says:

    We finished Wizard of Oz tonight. After 3 months of rehearsals and HOURS spent at the theater, it's over. All shows were SOLD OUT!

  5. I ran a 5 mile Turkey Trot today, and ran a 4 mile trail run last Saturday. On the trail run I finished 1st in my age group of 30-39 and today I concentrated on just having a good time. I amazed myself by running the 5 miles in 43:42 and I am normally 9:30-10:00 mile runs!! I placed 5th in my age group today 😀

  6. Yes! After a not so good half marathon experience last weekend I decided to run in another half marathon this weekend and I actually PR'd by 2 minutes! (1:34:34) I followed through with my pacing strategy and at no time did I get discouraged and feel like giving up. It was a great day!

  7. YES! I ran the New York City Marathon, my first ever marathon and I managed finish in under 5 hours which was my main goal, and I ran most of the race with a huge grin on my face.

    Such amazing crowd support and the general air of excitement was amazing. Loved every second, and can't wait to do it again…

  8. what a day. nyc may have to make the cut in 2012

  9. Anonymous says:

    Last weekend, I ran my first marathon with my mother (her first, age 63!) and sister. We ran together the whole way, followed our pacing plan, and finished within 15 min of our planned time. And we had fun! What a great experience it was to plan and train for something big and difficult for a solid 10 months.

  10. I placed 1st in my age group at Iron Girl yesterday and 8 overall. Never thought I'd be in the top ten at a race like this.

  11. Anonymous says:

    ran my first half marathon. never thought i would see the day! you are such an inspiration! Kept your motto if you believe it you can do it running through my head!

  12. Kristin Miller says:

    I DID DREAM BIG! I finished my first marathon in NYC!!! Although I wanted it under 5 hours, my dream did come true: I didn't hit the wall EVER! (I literally had a dream that this happened last week; my only non fear inducing marathon dream!!!)

  13. Oh my gosh. I did zero running, but I basked in the glow of having my parents in town for the weekend. We're on total opposite coasts so it was an awesome treat.

    As for tooting my own horn, I vacuumed the HECK out of my carpet. Seriously, it didn't know what hit it.

  14. I ran my first race ever, a local 10K. I'm almost 47, and started running about 18 months ago. I was running the race alone, and thought about backing out. But I didn't; I ran and was over the moon happy with my 1:03 time.

  15. thethinksicanthink says:

    Congrats to your uncle! That course was tough. I dreamed big and trained hard. Things didnt pan out like I wanted them to, but I still finished!

  16. Spartan300workout says:

    Wow, you should be proud of your uncle. Congratulations to your uncle and it was really a great race marathon race in New York. Looking forward always.

  17. mollyberrieshodgepodge says:

    I did dream big at NYC! I set a new PR and it was glorious!

  18. Elisabeth Welch-McClellan says:

    I am a new reader and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog…thanks for sharing all of your knowledge!

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