Thank you all so much for your outpouring of congratulations, love and support. I felt so loved this week.

I have been living in a dream world for a week. Everytime I think about my race I smile, everytime I look at my children I smile – It makes me so thankful for all that I[with help] have been able to accomplish. The sky is the limit. Dream big and it can happen.

It still seems unreal to me that in February of last year my fastest marathon time was a 3:31 and I thought I would always be a mom of 2 children. In a one year span I ran my fastest marathon, a 3:21, had baby Colton and then ran the second fastest marathon of my life, a 3:26. I feel so blessed.

In 2 weeks I will be running the Boston Marathon. It will be my 14th marathon and my 6th time attempting back to back marathons.

I’m recovering, re tapering, and trying to maintain fitness.

My first run back from National Marathon was an easy 3 miler on the treadmill Friday. I gave myself a full 5 days rest with no cross training, no lifting, no abs, no treadmill walks, no runs. I drank tons of water, ate super healthy, foam rolled, and took Epsom Salt baths. I allowed myself to not feel guilty about no running or working out.

I don’t feel guilty about my time off and here’s why. I think that if you can go for a pain free run 2-3 days after running a marathon, then you didn’t run hard enough.

This might strike a nerve with you. You may be thinking I’ve run a marathon and I have certainly been able to run 2 -3 days later, pain free. Maybe you aren’t in shape and that’s why you can’t do it mileposts. I definitely ran my hardest and I’m fine.

I’ll be honest and say that there are marathons I have run that I was able to run 2 days later and if you had asked me if I ran my hardest I would have said yes. I would have been annoyed at the mere suggestion of me not running my best.

Looking back though, I didn’t. I didn’t give it my all,I did not give it every single ounce of what I had left in me.

This is why I know I ran my heart out at National. On Tuesday, 3 days later, I would not have been able to run pain free. Despite pampering, my body I still had soreness. Some of it I do believe was from the hills, and from the fact that I wore racing flats, but most of it I believe came from me working my hardest and giving all I had to get another sub 3:30 marathon.

I’m no longer am a would-of-should of-could have girl. I used to say oh I was on target for a sub 4 hour marathon or I was on target to break 3:30. I don’t say that anymore.

Was I on target for a 3:20 marathon at National Marathon at some point? Yes. But the most important miles of any marathon are the last 6.2 miles. They can make or break a race. It doesn’t matter if you were on pace at mile 20 – what matters is the pace you averaged for the whole race. It’s what makes the marathon such a unique and challenging race distance.

I no longer say my race times with an asterisk.

I ran a 3:26. No if ands or buts about it.

It doesn’t matter if I thought I could have run faster if something was different. Yes, I do think conditions affect your time. I ran a windy 10K not too long ago and I think the wind affected me. I think in different conditions I may have been able to run faster, but on that day I didn’t. I ran my time and I will be proud of it from this day forward.

Yesterday as part of my re-taper I had the goal of running for 2 hours or if I felt good completing the 16 miles I had on my schedule. I still felt a little bit of residual soreness but I was able to finish all 16 miles[thanks to Miss Becca]!

Mile 1:   9:00
Mile 2:   8:52
Mile 3:   8:52
Mile 4:   8:48
Mile 5:   8:41
Mile 6:   9:02
Mile 7:   8:20
Mile 8:   7:52
Mile 9:   8:06
Mile 10: 8:20
Mile 11: 8:26
Mile 12: 8:32
Mile 13: 8:42
Mile 14: 8:45
Mile 15: 8:36
Mile 16: 8:39

Do you agree with me or disagree? Should you own your time or make excuses? Do you think you can run pain free soon after a marathon if you gave it your all? How soon after a marathon do you go for your first run?


  1. you.

    I usually wait 5 days but lately . . . it's been two. . . .and I'm paying for it. 😉 I like 5 better!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I agree with you 100 percent. The only time I ran pain free three days post marathon was because I had stomach issues during the race which forced me to walk the last 4 miles. I typically take 5 days off after a marathon and more if I think I need it. I think your approach is spot on!

  3. I totally agree. Running 26.2 miles is always hard, but if you really gave it 100% its just asking for injury to come back too soon. You were smart to take the time off. You will be much better off for it!

  4. The Samson Family says:

    completely agree! was I with you for mile 8 and 9? did you pick it up that fast on the braddock hill? impressive splits for your first long run back!!!

  5. I'm still in awe of people who can run back to back marathons!

    As for owning your times, I struggle with this and often find myself following it with a "but…" The asterisk, if you will. I've been working on catching myself when I do it and find it happening less frequently, choosing instead to just take responsibility for the good and bad.

  6. I say OWN it! you had an amazing race!

  7. Ah! The question that has haunted me ever since National. Did I push it hard enough? It was my first marathon so I didn't know what to expect. I didn't want to run out of gas before the end of the race. But looking at my splits, I could have (maybe should have) pushed it harder for the last 6.2 miles. Since there weren't mile markers and I don't have a Garmin, I really had no idea how fast/slow I was going.
    So, when I woke up almost completely pain free on Wednesday morning, I really started to wonder if I didn't work hard enough. I don't really want to beat myself up because just finishing was a huge accomplishment for me. But next time, I will know to push it and work harder those last few miles.
    I think you are wise to have taken a longer break. You gotta think of your next race, right?

  8. Rebecca Samson says:

    I agree!!! and boy does it feel good to take almost a week off of running after a great marathon performance. Thank you thank you for speeding to meet me :)

  9. runaroundmyblog says:

    You are so amazing. Can you coach me when post pregnancy? ;o)

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