I’m putting together shared list of all of us who are running the National Marathon, Half Marathon and Relay.  If you want to be included on the list email me at milepostsbydorothybeal@gmail.com 

This will be a fun way to meet other runners at the race, check out their blogs beforehand, and share stories of our training, etc!!

If you aren’t running the race – why not?!  Not up to the half or full distance yet?  That’s what the relay is for!! 

If I still can’t convince you to run then consider volunteering!  Over 1,000 volunteers are needed to make the race a success. I was amazed last year at how many awesome runners, who were running the race, also volunteered.  Just because you run doesn’t mean you also can’t volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the sport we all love!

Comment below if you are running, volunteering or spectating!!! If you are on twitter be sure to leave your twitter name so we can ‘follow’ you.



    I'm running the full, but I will be finishing much after you!

  2. I'm running the 1/2! Twitter – @welcometoboston. Thanks for putting together the list!

  3. i'm running the half, so excited! @thisamazingday on twitter. :)

  4. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas says:

    I'm doing the middle portion of the relay and I'm so excited :)
    I'm @carlyrachael on twitter.

  5. SupermomE12 says:

    If I had more money and less kids and a husband who was home once and awhile I would SO run the full! It is my birthday weekend too. Maybe next year!!! :)

  6. Running the final bit of the relay! @thesupersana

  7. I am running the marathon. My first full!

  8. MCM Mama says:

    I'm running the half – You'll likely finish the full at the same time. ;o)

    twitter – @mcmmama

  9. Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal says:

    Hi everyone!! If you want to be added to the list make sure to also email me at milepostsbydorothybeal@gmail.com

  10. I'm registered for the half.

  11. I'm running the full and would love to meet people there.

  12. I am running the full. It will be my first marathon. Aaahhh! So excited!

  13. I'm looking at volunteering, or maybe just spectating…I'm saving my legs for the Cherry Blossom the next week. :) @kdaisy

  14. I'm running the half and I am running Cherry Blossom the next weekend. And yes, you will be already showered and relaxing by the time I finish.

  15. Samantha says:

    Running the half!

  16. Running the half and cheering the marathoners!

  17. lizardruns says:

    Running the half, whether it's a good idea or not :)

  18. TurnerLifeAround says:

    Ill be there doing the half and can not wait to watch you finish the full once im done :)

  19. I'm running the half! twitter is @lizrunsdc.com

  20. Hi! I'm running the Relay @eatslovehappy … there is still time to get a shirt if you are interested: http://www.eatsloveandhappiness.com/2011/03/attention-national-marathon-runners.html

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