Megan, Meredith[MR PIC], and I before the Richmond Marathon!

Name: Megan Parker

Age: 30

Location: Potomac Falls, VA

Years Running: 14

Marathon: 3:26:06
Half Marathon 1:35:02
10K: 42: 49
8K: 34:37

Favorite Race Distance: My shorter race history isn’t very long, and on top of it, I haven’t raced all the distances. But, the race that I have spent the majority of my time training for is the marathon. I think this race is not only a test of physical fitness, but also of mental toughness! As my race history continues to grow, my mind might change a bit!

How Many Marathons Have You Completed: 16

Favorite Pre-Race Food: Anything with a mix of good carbohydrates and proteins. My recent favorite was rice and chicken stuffed peppers! And, the morning of, I always have oatmeal, banana, and some coffee.

Favorite Post-Race Food: I normally crave a large burger or sub of some kind, especially after a marathon!

Fun Fact About Yourself: I used to be a cheerleader, a sport I loved. Many times during races and hard workouts, the cheerleader in me comes out, cheering for those next to me. It keeps me motivated, and hopefully, the person next to me!

How did you get into running: My twin sister, Meredith, and I started working out and becoming very active throughout high school. As our workouts intensified, so did our love for running! The racing bug didn’t get to me until 2004 when my husband and I lived in NYC. After leaving the city, I stopped racing. It has been only recently that I have put races on my calendar again!

How do you find/make time to train with two young children: My husband works long hours. So, during the winter I try to squeeze one or two treadmill runs during the boys’ nap time. During the summer, I push the double stroller or go at night. For marathon training, my husband is sweet enough to leave for work “late”(his late is 7:30!) one or two days a week. This helps greatly. On the weekends, I roll out of bed early to meet my girlfriends!

Favorite Race and Why: My recent marathon in Columbus, also my PR, because it was the first time I trained smart, and raced smart. Even when my foot fell asleep the last 8 miles, I still managed to not fall off the bandwagon because of smart training! My PR came less than a year after my second child. I guess it is make runners faster, or rather my thought is that the runner is just forced to become wiser!

Favorite Quote: Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. T.S. Elliot

Accomplishment you are most proud of: In regards to running, it is most certainly having stayed in decent shape and staying motivated with two small kids. Within a year after my second child was born, I am in the same racing shape as I was when I was 24. I am excited to keep improving now that my baby is a toddler, and with the knowledge I have gained within this past year.

Mile Posts Note: Meredith, Megan and I are all currently training for the Boston Marathon 2011.  Between the 3 of us we have 8 children and haven’t let it slow us down one bit, figuratively and literally.  I personally look forward to again taking a picture with both of them before the start of another MARATHON!


  1. love the TS elliot quote.


    the photo. awesome.

  2. Megan Rocks!! She will totally rock Boston, look forward to seeing many more of her speedy races!! I miss her at the track… :(

  3. Shellyrm ~ just a country runner says:

    Another great mommy athlete showing that you can do it all!

  4. gmontalvo13 says:

    you are amazing!

  5. The Longendyke Family says:

    aww, I love this!! wish I could come to boston to cheer y'all on!

  6. Jim ... 50after40 says:

    I didn't really get into running until my kids were older – I'm amazed at folks like Megan and a lot of others on here who can juggle it all while the little ones are still little ones.

  7. I love reading these!

  8. Karen the "Hungry Mom" says:

    megan is a great friend, great mom, hardworking, hot stuff, athletic, always the cheerleader, and incredibly timely :)

  9. another great bio about another inspiring, strong, fast running mommy!!! you are going to have so much fun together in boston!!!!

  10. The Gittelman family says:

    16 marathons? 16 marathons! That's incredible. I had no idea. Go Megan!

  11. Great bio!!! The best twin sister EVER! :)

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