Do you ever have a moment when you feel like the world is just right?  It’s like you find peace if even for a second.  You feel that life is good, you forget your worries, complaints, to-do list, and you just live in the present.

I had one of those moments yesterday.  I want to bottle it up – save it for later – bring it out when I need it again.

After feeling a tad blue all week I had no great expectation for my Friday.  The morning began with a run/walk with Miss Becca, a first for this summer.  Becca and I ran together at least once during the week every week last summer.  I cherished those runs and always enjoyed that I was accomplishing my run but also spending time with a friend.  We laughed, I cried, we talked about our kids, husbands, and life.  When I got pregnant though I just didn’t think I could keep up on the runs and also push my two kids in the stroller.  Why?  Why do I always doubt myself like this.  Why did I let something I enjoy end simply because I am pregnant.

Miss Becca and I are both at a point in our pregnancies where we have no expectations on a run.  If we run 1 mile and then walk 2, we are happy.  If we run 2 miles and walk 2 we are ecstatic. We just want to be out there.  She doesn’t mind walking and neither do it.  It’s more about the being together than it is the running.  In total I ran walked 6 miles that morning – the most I had run in a couple of weeks.
After our run Hungry Mom on the Run – needed our help babysitting her little daughter Sage, so she could do one of her awesome cooking shows[if you are in the area and want to host a show email her!].  So I was on baby duty for a good portion of the day.  Each moment she was there was a joy.  My daughter, and son, love love love babies – Sage being one of their favorite.  They *took care* of her the entire time.  Helping me put her to sleep, feeding her, playing with her and making her laugh.  It made me happy inside knowing that I am raising two children who love other children, who want to help me take care of a baby.
My moment came later though, in my car on the way to see MR PIC[for those of you who are new to my blog – MR PIC is *My Running Partner In Crime* Meredith] at the hospital.  MR PIC gave birth on Thursday night to her 3rd beautiful baby girl, Lily Paige.  I was going to meet the newest little *runner* for our Track Team.
As I drove in my new car, blasting some great music, feeling the sun on my skin through the sunroof – I thought to myself – my life is pretty great.  Sure I have ups and downs – more than I care to count – and most of them daily.  However overall I’d say I’m a pretty lucky girl.  I have beautiful children, a nice house, a nice car, good friends, food on the table, a blog that has some amazing followers, I can run – far at times – and the list goes on. 

No negative thoughts entered my mind – for a brief moment I could only think of all the things I have in my life to be thankful for. 

Meeting Lily on a day when I was having a moment was a treat.  She made me so very excited for my newest little one to be born.  I truly can’t wait to share the experience with you. 

I hope this weekend that you too have a moment.  Bottle it up and save it for later.


  1. Rebecca Samson says:

    So happy we got out there together yesterday. I think what you forgot to mention was that you were pushing your TWO kids!!! It's all about the little moments that make life so enjoyable. Taking a step back and realizing how nice we have it. So glad you had such a good day!

  2. Meredith says:

    LOVE this post! Love that you had a great day and wonderful moments and love that you shared it! I could feel the peace you felt miles away and as I sit here after an amazing 11 mile run that I was already feeling so great about, it's like I'm doubled up on that wonderful feeling of peace and thankfulness. Wouldn't it be SO fantastic if we really could bottle it up? At least if we blog it, we can go back and read about it and remember when times are tough.

  3. superwoman_4002 says:

    I had one of those moments last week! They are amazing moments! 😀 I'm so glad you got to have one! I loved your post!! 😀

  4. Karen the "Hungry Mom" says:

    DOROTHY!!! I love love this post!!!!!!!!!!! Especially because I was literally just thinking 2 seconds ago as I sat outside on my deck, basking in the sunset, sipping on my mimosa, listening to kev give the boys a bath, how I was having a MOMENT. Then I went to go check your blog and read this… freaky!!! I will absolutely bottle this feeling up. love you, great post!!

  5. The Samsons says:

    I'm glad you had a great day. The past few days have obviously been a blur of special moments for me. and I kind of want to slow down time :)Getting to introduce Lily to you was definitely a moment for me too :) I always feel like telling the labor and delivery story is like reviewing the miles of a marathon. Thanks for coming to meet her!

  6. Great post! I love those moments…and I treasure them!

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