Making Memories.

One of the many things I thought about while on vacation at the Outer Banks was about making memories with my little people. I don’t want this summer to fly by and to ask myself what we did? I want to be able to list fun memories we made and silly things we did together. I want to make this summer count and not just when it comes to running.

Yesterday I was reminded just how short and sweet life can be and how I truly need to remember to MAKE IT COUNT when it comes to my little people. They matter most to me.

I love PR’s, I love running, but I love them more.

While at the water fountains splashing around I got talking to a mom. I’m not usually the one who talks to other moms, I’m typically shy when it comes to things like that.

This mom asked me how life was like as a mom of three. I rattled off how hard it was – crazy – exciting – overwhelming. I focused mostly on the overwhelmed part because that’s how I have felt lately. I asked her if she was planning on trying for a third. She remarked that she wasn’t sure – she had a third and he had died.


I started to cry and had to turn away for a moment. I had no words and had to apologize for crying. She was incredibly nice and said that it was good for her to talk about him.

Turns out she is a runner, she started running to cope with her loss. I loved talking to her and only wished I had asked for her email or something so we could hang out.

What the whole conversation left me with was that YES it’s ok to be overwhelmed but that I also need to constantly remember that I am blessed and that no matter how overwhelming life gets that these times with my little people are fleeting. It feels like I just found out I was pregnant with my first and that was over 6 years ago. Time truly does fly.

6 triple stroller miles with my little people yesterday. Chloe read to us almost the whole time! 109 lbs of little people.

5 triple stroller miles this morning. A little hot but I’m glad I got out there and glad I had them as company.



  1. Great post!! I have been an L&D and pediatric RN for many years. I have seen many people lose a child and it is one reason I run for pediatric cancer research each race that I do. I feel God gave me two feet to make a difference and I do that. Children grow so fast and we are blessed to have them. You are one tough mom running with three in a stroller, but your children are seeing your determination and you are spending time with them. Love reading your blog.

  2. It is very humbling to have that kind of conversation with someone and have it seem like you don’t appreciate your children..when you really do! Makes me guard my words and try to make my emphasis on what a blessing they are. I know you know what a blessing your children are..sometimes we just forget to emphasize that point! Definitely praying for the lady, I can’t imagine losing one of my children, may the Lord bless her arms again!

  3. Memories happen every day, through everyday actions and words. Every moment counts, cherish every single one.

  4. I know how you feel, having three kids and trying to juggle it all! Its rough and yes we are blessed!! I have a teenager and two toddlers! Running in the morning helps clear my mind, so I can give my all to my children.

  5. My husband and I are in the process of trying to have kids and this is always on my mind. Being active, but still having time for my family! My mother lost her son and I came after that! She always tells me that I am her miracle and that she always treasures the times she gets to see me and my brothers! Great post!

  6. That actually would describe me too! We lost our 3rd, a little girl, due to a blood clotting disorder I have. At first, was unsure we would try again for fear of losing another and I also felt very thankful and blessed for the two boys we had already. I was a newer runner at the time but had run through pregnancy. I dove right back into running and racing which helped me cope. Also when I started doing triathlons. Then, I became pregnant for the 4th time, this time everything went well and we were finally blessed with our little girl. But I know Amber, the one we lost, is still with us and I believe she is a guardian angel for our oldest son as they share the same birthday

  7. I can’t even imagine losing a baby. Our beautiful nephew left at 5days, and it’s still just hard to imagine. I always think of him, and feel.for any parents, if they have lost a baby. It happens more than we will ever know.,Most people won’t say a word.

  8. The very thought makes my heart ache. It is so true…making the moments count is so important. This hits so hard. Thank you for sharing this, Dorothy.

  9. Oh heart hurts a little but Beautiful pictures!

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