It’s Christmas time in the Mile Posts household. 
Christmas = Chloe home from school all week. 

Three kids + cold weather = Me – getting nothing accomplished and fast.

This morning I woke up with the best of intentions.  Today I would get stuff done.  The house would be clean when my husband came home, the dishes done, Christmas presents wrapped – maybe I’d even have time to catch up on some of my emails.

I wrote hubby and told him that I would be running today when he got home from work.  By emailing him I was confirming to myself that despite the fact that it was freezing outside and I had no motivation I would begin the week on a high note, I would run.

As the day wore on the house got colder, and colder and colder.  We moved upstairs to stay warm.  At this point I assumed the heat was broken and knew there was no way I was going to get to run outside today. 

Change of plans. Get baby C to sleep and set up Chloe and Miles to play together [make sure toys are evenly split so they don’t kill one another]  It took two hours to get baby c to sleep.  I set up C/M in the upstairs hall so I could see them from my treadmill.  Reminded them to be quiet and to NOT come in my room because it would wake baby C.

Got dressed – began running. 

I did it – la la la la la la. I’m supermom.  Super runner.  Take that motivation – I showed you who’s in charge.

10 minutes later Miles enters my room to tell me he is playing Daddy and baby with Chloe and to BEEEEE quiet so I didn’t wake her. Only problem is that he wasn’t quiet and woke baby C.  uggghhhh only 1 mile completed.

Pick Me Up Mommy

What I’m trying to remember is – this too shall pass.  I won’t always have two little kids and a newborn.  I won’t always have to train like this.  It won’t always be Christmas time.  It won’t always be 19 degrees outside.

Even the best laid out plans don’t necessarily mean they will happen.  You may plan to run after work and have a meeting that goes late.  You may forget your running shoes at home when you planned to run at the gym.  Stuff happens. Life happens.  The good runner won’t dwell on the days that they didn’t get to run.  The days the plan went all wrong. 
The good runner will focus on the good days.  Focusing on the bad workouts, the missed runs, the negative of training will only lead to slower times.  Self sabotaging does just that.  Running, whether it can be scientifically proved or not, truly is mind over matter.  Make the thoughts your mind has, matter.

I had one of those good days on Saturday.  10 miles with 6 ladies in 19 degree weather [15 kids between us].  My second 10 miler since I’ve had baby c and 4 days before the 6 week mark.  I’m proud of my body.  I’ll choose to focus on the day I got to run and move past this day I didn’t get to.

P.S. The heat really is broken – sad face. Oh and did I mention I totally overate at dinner and feel gross now?


  1. S Club Mama says:

    I understand but it sounds like you handled it better than I would have!

  2. Amanda@runninghood says:

    I could have written this same post today. This was wonderful to read and know that someone out there (you) is feeling very similar feelings! My kids are 1, 3 and 5 now so I don't have a little baby anymore but today was just crazy. I felt like I could never get ahead even though I had the best of intentions. I thought about running now (in the cold outside) but I'm SPENT! Now here I am with greasy hair, food on the floor (after cleaning it about a hundred times today), toys spread out, kids going crazy from being inside a small house all day, and I'm ready to just cry. But, like you said, it won't always be like this and this too shall pass.

    Have to say, I would have been ticked if my kids woke the baby just as I was running. I would have lost my top! :)

    Lucky you for having a treadmill…that's awesome!

  3. Somedays we need excuses… good luck and keep trying!

  4. Melissa Cunningham says:

    yup,i have these types of days as well!(4month old,4yr old and 7yr old)
    way to pull through it and realize that this too shall pass!

  5. At least you got 1 mile in! I think that's great! Baby C is so cute!!

  6. Hang in there. It does get easier. Really!

    Hope the heat has been fixed and you are back in a warm house again!

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