Hello Monday.

Hello First Day of School.

Hello 12 miles before the sun rose – 7:40 average. [7+ with my speedy friend]

Chloe - YOU are one of the most beautiful people I know - inside and out

Last week we lost internet and phone because of a mini fiasco with Verizon. Even though I now feel behind on work stuff,  it was the perfect time to lose it. It allowed me to really soak in the last week of summer with my three little people and get Chloe ready for first grade. Our week was spent {mostly} enjoying our new house and awesome weather!

If your little person starts first grade today then you most likely know the feeling I am having right now. Where did almost 6 years go? How am I old enough to be a mom of a 6 year old? I literally can not believe how much she has grown physically and emotionally over this summer. She no longer seems like a little kid.

I don’t want to wish this day away but I sort of am. I literally can not wait for her to get home and tell me about her day.

Fresh cookies will be on the table to greet her when she gets home. It’s a childhood memory that I love – coming home from school – telling my mom about my day and chowing down on some warm, chocolaty, yummy gooeyness.

Have I told you lately how much I love running early in the morning? Today was the beginning of week 3….almost a habit….almost…..



  1. I wrote a very similar post this morning. AHHH – I hate that they’re growing up so fast…I want to freeze time right now and keep my babes the exact ages they are. They tell me it’s not going to happen. Bummer.

    And I do love an early morning run! Something about knowing you’ve gotten some major done in the morning makes it so much easier to get through the rest of the day!

  2. I envy your super early morning but still can’t get the little one in bed and asleep early enough for me to get up and run. Get up and be sick to my stomach tired, yes. Run, no. I’m woring on it.

    Happy first day of school! Chloe is beautiful.

  3. Happy first day to Chloe! My cousin starts his first day of first grade today, too =) My mom already sent me the pictures and now I can’t wait to HEAR about his day! Glad you had such a wonderful summer with the little ones!

  4. Awww…..sweet moments! We are blessed to homeschool so I don’t have the “send them off to school” jitters but I do completely understand the overwhelming emotions! We have 4 going on 7 children (dude my husband is in China RIGHT NOW getting our newest blessings!) and school this year is going to be crazy!

  5. Hope Chloe has a lovely day…and I’m glad that our blogging loss last week was a gain to your family! And I’m utterly speechless about your morning runs…I’ve resorted to stroller running as it’s got darker in the mornings!! Cookies sound good though 😉

  6. Ha, you’re not old enough to have a 6 year old! You’re so young: )!! Congrats on the morning running- that’s incredible! And the cookies sounds fabulous!

  7. OMG-my son starts Kindergarten next Thursday and I am feeling the guilt of being a working mom!! However I will be there for his first day!

    I had to slow down on my early morning runs due to my rare blood disease in fact I had a really bad dizzy spell last week and had to stop at 5 miles, doctor ordered me to slow down until next week but now my body is aching every where AHHHHH! I cannot run twice a week my body doesn’t like it.!!! What to do, what to do!!!

    You have a beautiful family and I look forward to my first conversation with my son about his first day :)

  8. LOVE that you ran 12 miles before the sun rose! I thought of you when I climbed out of bed in the pre-dawn darkness and headed out for my run. Thanks for checking up on me yesterday and holding me accountable. :)

    I hope Chloe has a great first day of school. Ahhhhh…warm chocolate chip cookies after school brings back memories!

  9. My stepdaughter started first grade last Thursday. It blows my mind how big and smart she is. She is supposed to still be a little curly headed toddler!

  10. Denise C. says:

    My 6 year old son started first grade today too. He looked so grown up at the bus stop this morning, there are days when I still cannot believe I am Mom to a 6 year old, and a 4 year old. :) I left my house at 4 for my 6 miler, and 2.5 miles in there was lightening. Boo. Lightening and sleet are the only elements I will not run in. I hope Chloe had a great first day!

  11. Denise C. says:

    I am working on getting my 11 min pace down to a 9:20ish pace (it varies) and have noticed that when I get faster, my breathing gets wonky and I become winded. Has this ever happened to you?

  12. You have adorable kids and you are such a wonderful mother! I graduated from high-school one year ago but I still remember all those happy elementary school days when I was picked up by my dad (my mother is the working person in our household) who then helped me with homework, taught me how to throw a ball or how to multiply using kitchen tools.
    I hope your little one has had a very special day and made it special for you too! Enjoy it because I`m sure it will be great once she comes home and tells you about all the steps she has taken and things she has learned that day!

  13. Katie @ msfitrunner says:

    I know EXACTLY how you are feeling!! My girls start school on Wednesday, first grade and kindergarten – not quite 5 and 6 yet, but still find myself wondering how we got here!! Off to school for a full day. I already can’t wait for their first day to be over to welcome them home and hear all about it!
    Great run – pre sunrise?!?! That must feel so good. I’m a bit envious as my little guy is such an early riser, my husband and I alternate getting up with him so I can’t run every morning, but that is my ideal time.
    Chloe is a beauty – actually reminds me a lot of my oldest, same “look”:)
    Enjoy these days:)

  14. I got up at 5 AM this morning & got in 2 miles before work. Feels good to know I didn’t reprogram my alarm. 😀

  15. Beautiful picture of you and Chloe! Hope she had a wonderful first day! Good work on your morning runs!

  16. So glad that you are getting acclimated to and enjoying the early morning running Dorothy!! Its nice to know that I’m not the only parent runner out there at the crack of dawn logging my miles. Looks like your pacing is getting faster by the run! :) Sometimes losing technology is a good thing. It makes us focus on the important things. Hope you and your kiddo enjoy the chocolate chip cookies. Our kiddos report back to school Thursday.

  17. Hi Dorothy,
    I am so impressed with your early morning runs. I use to do them with a group but have been chicken to do them alone since we moved away from the group I ran with. What time do you get up to run?

  18. Way to go making it a habit. Getting up early in the morning is hard for me. What time are you getting up?? Maybe that will make me realize it is possible to get up super early :=)

  19. okay SIX, not 7, but i still cannot believe she is (almost 6). she looks like a real little girl in those photos – like a “i can put my hair in a ponytail and help wash dishes, mom” type little girl. amazing! xxoo

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