It’s not even Friday and it’s sad to say but I’m ready for this week to be over.

I’m worn out. Tired. Stressed. Feeling overwhelmed. Run Down.

I’m behind on emails, blogging, reviews, you name it. If you are one of those people I owe an email or a call to – this is my lame apology.

Last week Colton took a spill in the bathroom and hit his head hard enough that poor boy split open his eyebrow.

I had just taken a shower with him because he was extra cranky and that calms him down. I thought things were looking up and he was in a better mood right before he took the spill. There was blood everywhere and I panicked.

I’m the go to girl if you want me to spring into action when something goes wrong, unless it’s something related to one of my family members or pets. I just loose it.

Chloe on the other hand was little miss mom and helped get Miles dressed, cheered Colton up, and was an angel while we got ready to rush out the door to the ER. Miss Becca saved the day by watching Chloe and Miles and Eric and I headed to get Colton some medical attention.

I felt sick the whole time. Just thinking about it now makes me sick.

I am in pain when my babies are in pain.

They were able to glue his eyebrow back together rather than stitch it because it wasn’t missing any pieces. GROSS.

Last Thursday night hubby started to feel bad.

Friday morning he powered through it and went to work. He sat at his desk miserable and eventually gave up and came home. At this point he was already saying he didn’t think he would be able to watch the kids while I ran the next day. I debated getting on the treadmill and getting my long run over with while I still could, but at this point he was laying on the couch unable to do much of anything. No chance I was going to get to run.

Saturday morning before the kids woke up I hopped on the treadmill – 16 miles in 2:05. Started at an 8:20 pace and dropped it down to 6:58. I was dry heaving. I wasn’t sure if it was because I wasn’t feeling good or if the run was kicking my butt. Either way I was annoyed. I don’t have time to get sick.

I was pleased with my pace average and that was about it.

4 weeks out from B & A Marathon

Saturday he repeated over and over to me how bad he felt. Like the loving wife I am – I got annoyed. I told him the more he complained the more his mind believed that he actually felt as bad as he kept saying. I took care of the kids all day while he slept on the couch.

Didn't know I would be sick in 8 hours....

Saturday night he was finally better and I was bored and wanted to get out. We took the family out to my favorite Mexican restaurant Uncle Julio’s and had queso and chips and more fajitas than we should have.

Smiling like a pirate. He is my world.

I didn’t eat gluten free – I didn’t eat dairy free – I did however eat more than hubby who weighs 80+lbs more than me.

On the way home I was already regretting my decision to stuff my face because my stomach was hurting.

Saturday night I woke up with what felt like the most intense excruciating pain – I would say it was about as worse as labor. I couldn’t sleep and cried to myself in bed about how much pain I was in. I woke hubby up and told him how I felt and I said SORRY.

Sorry for not believing how terrible this feels. Karma is a B*TCH right?

Sunday I literally did not leave my bed. It was miserable.

View from my bed. The dogs kept me company.

Monday hubby had to work late – I was still in pain. Miss Karen took Miles to her house to play with her boys.

I am so thankful for friends. I don’t think I ever am able to express to them how much I appreciate what they do for me.

Worst part of being sick is not being able to hug and kiss my babies.

Tuesday Miss Meredith took Miles to and from pre-school for me. My stomach still felt terrible but atleast it was just coming in waves.

Yesterday morning Miles slept in – I was pumped. He never sleeps in – what a treat.

When he woke up he yelled for me to come upstairs to *wipe his bumm* [one of the joys of motherhood]. When I came upstairs I found my little boy covered in crusted throw up. I went to his room and his bed was covered. I was dry heaving just from the smell of it.

He proceeded to throw up multiple times yesterday and I basically spent the whole day cleaning and taking care of him. Thank the Lord that Colton took a 4 hour nap because I literally felt on the verge of a breakdown.

Blackberries for lunch. YUM.

Today Miles is feeling better. I’m still feeling tired and behind.

This was supposed to be my peak week mileage wise before B & A Marathon – but it’s not. Not even close.

You know what Faith is?

Faith is knowing that if God brings you to something it’s not too big or too hard for HIM to handle. Not you to handle – him to handle. He doesn’t bring you to it if HE can’t get you through it.

From this moment on I am starting over. I will get caught up. I will get caught up. I will get caught up.

Ever had one of these weeks? Months? How do you get through it?

I almost forgot, in the midst of all the throw up and sickness in our house I got this AWESOME shirt from a girl I coach. It literally made my day. I heart her.

Keep Calm Run On


  1. I feel your anguish!! I’ve been feeling this way lately too and what sucks is when you can’t run!!! Ugh!! So sorry it has not been fun, I will keep you in my prayers. LOVE the shirt!!

  2. I’m so sorry everything conspired against you this week, Dorothy. Colin and Spud had the flu 2 weeks ago and I luckily dodged that bullet. Colin, too, spent a good day and a half in bed. :(

    Yup, having one of those weeks too. Not sick, but I have an ornery 4-1/2 year old to deal with. I feel like I have very little patience and am constantly angry because of it… Really hoping that it’s a phase he’s going through because I feel like I’m going to lose what’s left of my mind if it doesn’t end soon!

  3. It sounds like you’ve been through the ringer! I can’t even begin to say I know how you feel since I don’t have kids of my own but I can imagine it’s awful – and at the time, going through it, it IS awful.

    Although I don’t get sick ver often I have had stomach viruses, food poisoning, etc. in the past and it is downright nasty and you just feel like the world is ending! And of course, anything that sidelines me from running makes me even more miserable. But, I’ve gotten into the habit of telling myself, “It’s going to be ok. This will pass. You will not feel like this forever.” A little reverse psychology never hurts!

    Hope you’re feeling better. Don’t stress. Deep breaths. :)

  4. Oh. My. GOSH. Girl!!!!!!!

    I’m so sorry you have had such a trying week. What a bummer. I hope the sickness stops there – sounds like a horrible bug for sure.

    Argh, I just want to give you a huge hug. Would you be offended if I wore a gas mask? I’ll bring you Starbucks too :)

  5. hey mom of the millenium! 😀 sometimes IT IS OKAY to unplug. :) :) everyone understands!

    sorry to hear about colton’s spill! glad he is okay and that they could use glue! your daughter sounds precious, taking care of everyone! also glad that miles is feeling better!

    ready here we go… *breath in, breath out!* :)

  6. I hate those kind of weeks. Moms do not get sick days and it just suuuucks. I usually get through them with lots of coffee and just try to go with the flow.

  7. My week was nothing like yours and I REALLY wish it was over too! Hope you are all feeling better soon – thinking of you!

  8. Holy Moly! What a rough week. I pray that you all get well and healed up.
    When weeks are like this I try to let go of the things that can be let go of. I don’t play catch up unless it really, really needs to be caught up on (laundry:-0). It is ok to let stuff go.
    You’ll get to it when you can.
    Rest up and get better.

  9. I am feeling you sister!
    I woke up sunday night in pain…went to the ER b/c the pain kept getting worse and anhour later I was writhing in pani BEGGING for morphine b/c ……drum roll…..I have kidney stones!!! what? yes…so out of the blue! I spent the next 2.5 days on narcotics.

    I missed my long progression run, I missed my hill workout and now my legs hurt so bad I can hardly run sub 9min pace.
    this whole week is basically flushed down the toilet.

    How do I get through? I just trust that next week will be better. and it will.
    it ALWAYS gets better.
    Anyone who is offended you haven’t called or emailed isn’t a true friend. As mom’s, these things happen and all we can do is what we can do.
    i just wrote a post about that.

    anyway..hang in there. next week will be better. you are SO fit that missing this week won’t break you.
    You are gonna KILL that next marathon! xx

  10. You’re still amazing for fitting in what you can with 3 kids, being sick, kid needing stitches, etc! Be proud of what you did accomplish this week running-wise. Many wouldn’t be able to do even that (including this girl!)

  11. Awe poor Colton! At least he is still as happy as can be! Gald you are all okay now

  12. It’s hard when our babies are sick and hurting. So glad that Colton is on the mend, as well as everyone else! :-)

  13. So Sorry to hear about the rough times! I have so been there! (The time I let my ~2 yr old twins do whatever they want as long as they were safe bc all three of us were sick with the stomach flu and all I could do was lie there. The times when all 4 of us were sick but I was the least sick so I took care of everyone). Oh yes good times! Hope it passes soon and you get caught up. And who knows, maybe this rest is just what your training needs? Hope so. Oh and I’m still trying to get caught up from the holidays. Look I’m even a couple days late commenting on your blog for this post =).

  14. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    It’s so nice knowing that other moms know EXACTLY how I feel. Hugs ~ DTB

  15. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    @ Meggie:
    Awww thanks Meggie :)

  16. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    Thanks Nicole – when I was dying on my 20 this weekend I thought about this comment :) I’m going to KILL it no matter what the time on the clock is.

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