I can’t believe it’s already September! This was the fastest summer of my life.

Kids 2012

I don’t know how these little things are now in 4th & 2nd grade.

First Day of School

I love my kids and absolutely love staying home with them, but was worried that summer would feel endless with the near daily proclamations of being bored. If not entertained for five minutes, it’s the most boring day of their life. Oh the horror.

I recount some story that makes me sound like I lived in 1910. I tell them that when I was little we didn’t even own a TV until I was their age. I had to use my imagination to stay entertained. I’ve become the person that my younger self deemed SO OLD, SO OUT OF TOUCH. Ha.

Colton and I have a week left together before he returns to morning pre-school. I’m excited for him to go back, but am treasuring this week. When all three of my kids are together, it’s madness and breaking up fights, and determining who in fact had the toy first. When it’s just one of them, it’s easy. Easy is less stress and less stress is fun.

Colton: mommy do you know how much Simon loves you? {Simon is Chloe’s hamster}

Me: no Colton how much?

Colton: He loves you 4 percent.

Me: He loves me 4 percent?

Colton: No I said he loves you FULL percent.

This is 2015 with a 4 year old. Really who doesn’t love having full battery percentage on their tablet or phone? Maybe full percent is the new to the moon and back 😉

Simon wins the award for the most understanding hamster of all time.

I literally have to tell Colton to let him sleep, so he can have a break from all the love Colton wants to give him. Daily he works on a new fort made of legos for Simon to play in. Daily I have to remind him that you can love a hamster to death – so be careful with him.

Watching Colton continuously reminds me to make sure that I find happiness in the little things. It’s so easy, especially as a parent, to get caught up in life. I want to experience the same joy he can feel from a hamster climbing up the lego stairs he built.

Beach Life 2

an old photo of Colton and I – brings up good memories so it’s getting used again


As for me I’m feeling drastically better on a lower fat diet. I still have not eaten any wheat {hip hip hooray} and feel better in that sense too! I haven’t gotten sick recently, though I haven’t attempted any speed either, so we shall see.

The silver lining, because there is always a silver lining is that I’m branching out. I pray I never have a running injury, but it’s become clear that you really just don’t know when it comes to your body. I love running but I don’t want it to be the only physical activity that makes me happy.

Working on straightening my arms out in crow. It’s laughable that my arms felt completely straight to me when I was doing this {nothing like a picture to show you form AND how messy your house is}. I will keep on practicing though because that is my life now, one giant practice.

Crow Pose

I’m all signed up for the Hershey Park Half Marathon. Should be fun to dust off the rust and attempt a bit of speed. If nothing else, it’s going to be a really great time with my little people and fingers crossed my best friend from college signs up and brings her family!

These guys are really excited to go back in October!


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