I saw this shirt at Madewell [one of my favs] and I find it hilarious…..

I don’t know why it has stuck in my head but I keep finishing the sentence…..

Friends are like carbs…… Addicting

Friends are like carbs…… too many may not be good for you

Friends are like carbs…… can’t live with out them

Friends are like carbs…… better on a run

I know it silly but it’s taking my mind off of other things so for today I am loving it……

I am out of my running funk. [which is nice] I don’t feel any post marathon sadness anymore – I feel good about how I ran and I’ve be going out of my comfort zone this week trying new workouts. I’m excited for Hood To Coast. Excited to see old friends and make new ones.

This morning while in the car I had a moment. I need to be more present. I need to soak in life more. Not just the good moments but the blah moments like today. For those that know me well you know I am one of the most sensitive people around. At points in my life I have wanted to dull that emotion. Not anymore. It makes me – ME. Good and bad – life will give us ups and downs. I am thankful today for my little people and their hugs because honestly there isn’t a thing in my life that can’t be fixed by a hug or a smile from one of them.

Your turn! Friends are like carbs……..



  1. I love it. Very true!!!

  2. you can carry them in your pocket. (that’s for you, SuperKate!) ha!

    okay, okay- they will both keep you alive when nothing else can.

  3. Hmmm….friends are like carbs…they fill you up. :) How interesting you had that thought about needing to be more present. In yoga today the instructor talked about how it’s important to do less and be more…I’ve been thinking about that all day! Glad you’re out of the funk…funks are no fun…

  4. I’ve seen that shirt!!

    Yay HTC!!

  5. … you should stick with the good ones!!

  6. …they’ll keep you going for the long haul! Or if you’re like me and stress eat carbs, then they are there for you on the stressful days!

  7. You crave them when your feeling sad, angry, a rainy day or have your period.

  8. Every morning when my kids hug me I always think they have no clue how much this means to me and how one little snug hug can change a whole day. I really need to work hard on being present. It isn’t an easy task. We can keep each other on check!


  10. So true!! You have been my virtual inspiration while I have been healing from a hamstring strain. As I have gotten back out there running I have thought of your saying “I run this body” and when I get scared about injuring myself again I have thought of that. So thanks!! I had meant to write you personally on FB as I see you are friends with lots of my friends, but then I saw this post. You may have been in a funk, but you have personally taught me a lot.

  11. Cathryn Ramsden says:

    Complex ones are better than simple ones 😉

  12. Some are better than others. :)

  13. Friends are like carbs… there are more than one kind with some more dense than others. Friends are like carbs… they stick to your sides through thick and thin.

  14. Friends are like carbs…I can’t go a day without them!

  15. Friends are like carbs… good but you don’t need to have a lot to make you satisfied.

  16. Love this one! Totally agree!

  17. Just had to say your comment made me laugh. So true and so funny.

  18. Friends are like carbs…they comfort me.
    I like things that cause you to think. :)
    My baby girl helps me through those rough days, she’s so sweet because if she sees me get upset she comes and gives me a love, she’s only 14 months too!! Love her!! Kids are the best!!

  19. So many good ones in the comments!

    Friends are like carbs…you should only have the ones that are truly worth it!

  20. Yes! Tonight I picked up my little one (he wanted to “dance”) and he wrapped his arms around my neck and rested his head. We were dancing cheek to cheek. There was a time when I thought the hug that would make me the happiest was from the man in my life … And those hugs are great! But they have been bested by hugs from the little man in my life. Motherhood is awesome.

  21. I need em GF or I swell to twice my size? 😉

  22. Friends are like carbs…they fill you up! (with happiness!)

  23. Hey Dorothy,
    I’m not sure what changed recently, but I’ve always loved reading your blog posts in google reader. The last few days though, I only get the first few sentences. Did you change something?

  24. Hi Dorothy,

    This is a great comparison. I love it, and the shirt!

    I’m glad you’re getting out of the funk. I’ve been in one myself… but I enjoy knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel and I will find my mojo again!


  25. I would rather be fat than give up carbs :)

  26. i love that you are so open to your emotions! I actually was taught to bury mine so I have been working hard to let them out!

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