I’ve been a little MIA lately from life and writing. I had a good reason though – we were moving! I am happy to say that we have been in our new house for over a week now and for a million and one reasons we are all so happy. The first morning I woke up and opened my eyes I had a rather large smile come over me unexpectedly. I really just can’t believe this is where I live now and am so thankful for all that I have!

On to running….Last Sunday was my first run as a South Riding resident and my first long run as part of marathon training. I went with my friend Meredith who had just run a kick a*s 5k the day before where she placed 3rd overall. I’m so happy for her and I’ll admit it – just a bit jealous that she got to race :) I think I have become something of a race addict and really am looking forward to getting all settled in at the new house so I can do another one. Meredith came equipped with her Garmin – something I am beginning to think is a necessary item if you live out here. I no longer live minutes from a trail where I can track each mile split. Maybe that’s a good thing but old habits die hard and I still time my miles at 10 minute miles when I don’t know how far I am going. So 50 minutes = 5 miles even though I know there is no way I am only running 5 miles!

A new house and a new town means lots of new places to go running. I think the best way to learn any town is to run its streets. So this morning Chloe and I did just that. We went out for an “easy 5 miles” only to get lost in a neighborhood that had no thru streets. I think I have a pretty good sense of direction so I knew where I needed to head and kept heading that way only to find every turn I took led me to another dead end. In the end we had to turn back around and head towards the direction we came. I didn’t want to retrace my route because I was already at 45 minutes so I kept on trying to find a cut through back to our house – which was clearly not working. Finally I had to suck it up and ask a woman on the street if the street we were on was a thru street. She asked “thru street?” I then realized that English was not her native language – she smiled and then laughed at me – maybe it was the question or maybe she was laughing at the site of an overheated, lost mom pushing a stroller running in a skirt – who knows?!?! I finally just decided to leave it up to Chloe to tell me what street to turn on – I figured I would at least make her happy and let her “pick” where we were going since clearly I didn’t know. We came upon a nice couple who was walking their dog – I asked them which direction Loudoun County Parkway was and they sent us in the right direction. We made it back to the house in an hour and 5 minutes which I think was pretty good considering how turned around we had gotten. So much for an easy 5 miler.


  1. thanks, Dorothy! It will get easier finding your way around soon, and you’ll figure out a few standard routes. as long as you’re not as much of a direction ditz as me…didn’t we get lost last week and i’ve lived here for 5 years? 😉

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