Winner # 1 – From the True Random Number Generator at is #36 Julie!

Winner #2 – From the True Random Number Generator at is #29 Jessica!

Email me at with your mailing address and your signed copy of Run To Overcome will be on it’s way shortly.

If you didn’t win, fret not.  A signed copy of Meb’s book is given away daily at  Enter today!!!


  1. Congrats ladies! Thanks for the daily winner tip too!

  2. Amanda@runninghood says:

    Response to your comment: I like my shoes too but they seem to be possibly causing me problems. I've stopped running in them for awhile until I can figure out if it is the shoes for sure. I almost feel unbalanced in them and I was starting to feel IT band pain. Maybe i was trying to move into them too fast.

  3. Julie @ Hotlegs Runner says:

    I woooooooooooon!!!!! will email you now!!! =) Thanks so much!

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