Run To Overcome
Why do you run to overcome? What do you run to overcome? Do you overcome to win? What is winning all about?

The Book Review:

Run To Overcome, is the story of Mebrahtom “Meb”  Keflezighi, one of the greatest American distance runners ever.  It chronicles his life beginning as a child in warn-torn Eritrea, a small country in Africa, to his victory at the New York City Marathon 2009, where he was the first American to win in 27 years. His inspirational story embodies what it means to truly be an American.

In the book Meb shares the secrets to his success in life and running.  He proves that hard work and perseverance will make you rich in life.  Rich in what truly matters.  While we may not have had much materially, we were rich in relationships. Meb was blessed with parents who stressed the importance of academics, faith in God and doing things the right way.  It’s these qualities that have helped Meb achieve many of his wildest dreams.

Meb’s story is particularly touching because the journey of his life was not an easy one.  He did not have things handed to him on a silver platter, he had to work hard to achieve all he has.  Throughout his career he has suffered injuries and set backs.  Critics have doubted him but his strong faith in Christ helped him to keep faith in himself.

While this book focuses on Meb’s rise as a world class distance runner, the book isn’t solely for runners. It’s filled with nuggets of motivational and sound advice on how to live your life to the fullest, what winning is really all about, and how to run to overcome. If you are looking for an inspirational book to help you make 2011 your best year yet, then this is the book for you!

The Back Story: 

A couple of years ago a race director friend of mine asked me if I wanted to do him a favor and pick up an honored guest for his race, from the airport.  He could have gotten someone else to do the chauffeuring, but he knew I was a running geek and would be MORE than excited about who I would be picking up and transporting to their hotel.  MEB.

My heart dropped as I read his email.

I was going to not only meet one of my running heroes, but was going to be picking him up and driving him 30 + minutes to his hotel?!  Oh my goodness.  What does one say to someone like Meb?  What does one wear for such an occasion?  I would not only be meeting an Olympic Silver Medalist and three-time national cross country champion, but I was also getting one on one time with one of the fastest men in the world.

I arrived at the airport early and tried to sit casually in the international waiting area.  Meb was arriving from London where he had just run a personal PR of 2:09:21 at the London Marathon.  When I saw him come through the doors, I started to shake.  What does one say to a living legend?  I tried to act calm and cool, but inside my heart was jumping.  I felt like a teen girl meeting Justin Beiber.  I don’t normally get like this.

Much to my surprise Meb was not much taller than me and we probably weighed about the same.  For as nervous as I was he was the opposite.  Cool, calm and collected.  Of course he was.  I told him he was one of my favorite runners and was truly a hero to me.  He said thank you, not in a I’m-so-great-sort-of-way but in a very I’m-humbled-and-honored-you-think-that-way.  Genuine.

On the way to his hotel I talked his ear off.  I asked him about his family.  I asked him what his longest long run was.  I asked him how many miles a week he ran. How many marathons he had done. I asked him if he had always ran. When did he get into it. Has he always been fast.  I asked anything and everything I wanted to know.

I would imagine that some superstars would have been annoyed at my incessant talking, but Meb answered all my questions and was really conversational.  Just a regular guy, I told myself.  Just a regular guy – who happens to not only be nice, humble, and personable, but also one of the fastest people in the world – sitting in my front seat.

I left his hotel feeling like God had given me the privilege of meeting one of the greatest men the sport of running has ever had.  I’m pretty sure I was right.

Not long after I had left him, my phone rang.  I looked down and it said Meb. [I had been given Meb’s phone number in case I needed to call him while at the airport and had of course added it to my phone being the running geek I am]  Dorothy? Hey Meb.  I forgot my shirt in your car.  Can you bring it to me tomorrow at the race?  Sure Meb.  Have a good night.  Thanks, see you tomorrow.

At this point I was sure I had died and gone to running heaven.  Meb called me?!?!

Fast forward one year later and I was again asked if I wanted to pick up the honored guest from the airport and take him to his hotel.  That year it happened to be Bart Yasso.  I was excited and honored to be meeting another pillar in the running community.

I woke up the next morning excited but tired.  I was pregnant but had not yet told many people.  Staying snuggled warm in my bed seemed tempting, but I knew the race director was counting on me for my volunteer role.

I can say I would have kicked myself for the rest of my life had I not gotten up that day and gone to the race.  Meb was in town to meet with Dick Patrick to work on his new book. [Run to Overcome].  I had no idea he was going to be at the race and did not believe my eyes when I spotted him from my spot on the awards podium.  Read the full story HERE.

Twice.  Twice I got to meet my running hero.  I am blessed.

Giveaway: Win An Autographed Copy of Run To Overcome

Two winners will be chosen at random.  Contest ends 2/09/11 [in honor of Meb’s 2:09 Victory at NYC].  Winner will have two weeks to claim his or her prize, before a back up winner will be chosen.
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Tyndale House provided the autographed books.  The opinions in this posting are my own.  I was not paid to write this review.


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