Feeling truly loved. 

Do you see that smile? A true smile is one you feel from the inside out. One that only the best of friends can bring on.

I can not even begin to tell you how happy I am right now. Did I want a 3:10? Yes. Did I think to myself yesterday YOU CAN DO IT. Impossible? NO. Nothing is impossible when you have faith. I also thought  whatever will be will be. You will run the perfect time. As my best friend Karen’s post said – you can’t always get what you want….but you always get what you need!

There are times in my life I feel sad. Everyone has days like this. I know when I feel that way I will not only reflect on how many things I have to feel thankful for but I will reflect on my 6th running of Marine Corps Marathon and KNOW from the bottom of my soul that people are good, that life is wonderful and that I am surrounded by some of the GREATEST people to ever walk this planet[literally and virtually].

You inspire me. You keep me going. You brighten my day.

I am so thankful for all the many things that running has brought into my life.

I am even more thankful that I took the first step a couple of years ago and decided that I was not afraid. I would put my words out there for anyone to read.

Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart.

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE RUNNING?

#18 DONE – 3:21:46 – 91st Overall Female

11 Months Post Baby #3 and 2 weeks after my 3:13 at Columbus Marathon.

Thank you Lord for all of your blessings – I do not deserve them.


  1. That is seriously impressive! I ran a marathon 2 weeks ago and I know how tough it was to run MCM after that! :)

  2. Jessica Karazsia (@irun26at8) says:

    Congratulations Dorothy. It was a beautiful day for a race. That race is so special, isn't it? I didn't PR today either, but it was #7 for me and my most enjoyable marathon to date. No music…I forgot my Garmin at home (UGH!)…but just took in the beauty of the day and everyone surrounding me.

  3. Rebecca Samson says:

    Love this picture and your post!

  4. Ana-Maria RunTriLive says:

    Wow, you are amazing to run so much and so fast with 3 little kids! Inspirational!

  5. Congrats on a great race! It was awesome to see you out there!

  6. I thought of you today while I was doing my 20 miler on the B&A trail in preparation for Philly! You're amazing and such an inspiration.

  7. Kristin Miller says:

    AWESOME JOB DOROTHY! I will think of you as I run next week…if Dorothy can finish two marathons in two weeks, I can finish ONE!

  8. Congrats again Dorothy. What a special day!

  9. You are seriously AMAZING! :) you rock hardcore! GREAT race! :)

  10. Fantastic Dorothy! A huge congrats to you!

  11. Rachel McPhillips says:

    Seriously. You are a rockstar!! So proud of you!!!

  12. thethinksicanthink says:

    Wow! How awesome!!! I love your outlook and it inspires me to have a better one towards NYC and not be so hard on myself and to enjoy it! Thanks for reminding me that it's about the experience and the joy of running.

  13. The Samsons says:

    Great pic!!! I'm so glad you felt loved :) Congrats!

  14. Great Post! Awesome Picture!! You are such an inspiration! I'm excited for the day I run my first full marathon, whatever the time may be. You did fabulous with back to back marathons!!

  15. Jill@Run for the Hills says:

    Congratulations! I love that picture; you look truly happy.

  16. TurnerLifeAround says:

    Congratulations Dorothy! Karen is truly an amazing support, motivator and friend…you guys inspire me so much :)

  17. You are amazing. Everyone around me was like, WOW! Your friend is FAST!!! :)

  18. Lindsay @ Lindsay's List says:

    AWESOME work, Mama!!

  19. Running for the Kitchen says:

    awesome job on the run, but also awesome attitude! you are so awesome and I am so glad you finished proud and loved!

  20. Great job! Seriously though, how do you manage to train as hard as you do and still take care of 3 little ones? How do you manage to get long runs in/speed work in between naps, feedings, school, ect? Do you run first thing in the morning while the kids are asleep? In the evenings when your husband is home with them? I'm really just looking for ways to manage my time better so I can commit to training but at the same time take care of my family.

  21. Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS says:

    Congratulations! And I love the new blog look. (I usually read posts in google reader.)

  22. LOVE the picture!!! Congrats!! 3:21 is amazing, especially 2 weeks after a 3:13 marathon!! You are an inspiration :)

  23. Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog says:

    Great job! you are amazing and inspiring, just because you didn't get it this time does not mean it isn't in those speedy little legs of yours!

  24. Great job, Dorothy! I was looking for you after the key bridge thinking you might be on the opposite side of the road from me but you were probably long gone by then. I was sporting watermelon colors for the first 10 miles!

  25. Super fantastic, congratulations and well done xx

  26. You continue to inspire me, Dorothy! Congrats on a great marathon! :) I hope I'm just able to finish a full in the year after having my baby!

  27. {will run for margaritas} says:

    Congrats girl – so proud of you! xoxo

  28. You ran amazing, that 3:10 is there for the taking on the right day! Love the pics of you and Karen, you two looked so happy!

  29. WOW! That's amazing! Congratulations!! Yesterday's MCM was my first marathon at the ripe old age of 40! I ran it in 4:55 but I'm ok with that since I only started running last year. I hope to PR next year!! YOU are an inspiration!! God bless!

  30. I think a 3:21 marathon two weeks after a 3:13 marathon is pretty dang AWESOME. You know you have that 3:10 in you. It will come at the right time and the right place.

    Few women inspire me as much as you do right now.

  31. Suz and Allan says:

    Congratulations on a great race!

  32. Congrats!

  33. That Pink Girl says:

    Way to go! Congratulations on a great race! You're right – the smile says it all!

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