The weather will be near perfect for a marathon tomorrow. Not too hot, not too cold. There may be some points along the course that are breezy or downright windy, they always are, but other than that it should be a beautiful day for a marathon around our Nations Capital.

I’ve made the mistake many a time of overdressing during a marathon, especially when the temperatures are cooler, so tomorrow I am MAKING myself wear less than I want to wear.

 MCM Clothing 2

What I suggest wearing tomorrow…….Keeping in mind you may want to alter based on your individual goal time and whether or not you are typically a hot or cold person.

I’m typically someone that feels colder than everyone else I’m running with – so I will likely be wearing more than my mom will be – she is someone who is typically hotter than everyone else on a run and wears shorts long in to the winter so I’m sure she will be wearing even less than I will be.

 MCM Clothing 1

Ruched LX Short from Saucony. A tighter fitting short, so I’m not messing with it then entire race, but also not so tight that it’s going to move up my inner thighs and I’m going to have to tug them down the whole day.

Sports Bra and tank of some sort. I’m debating between one that has a built in bra, for extra support, or just a plain tank. Either way my top will likely be sleeveless.

Arm warmers. The great thing about arm warmers and a tank vs a long sleeve shirt is that if you get hot during the marathon you can push the arm warmers down to your wrists and run with them like that. If you don’t like being chilly on the bridges {I don’t} then you can roll them back up to stay warm.

Gloves. I’m not sure if I will be using throwaway gloves or if I will just wear a thin pair of Saucony ones that I can tuck if my shorts if my hands get hot, but either way I know I will be wearing gloves.

Hat. I want to wear a hat. My mom will think I’m nuts because she will tell me it is not cold enough for a hat, but I want to wear it and I can always take it off if I feel like I’m starting to sweat.

Sunscreen. It doesn’t matter if it’s chilly tomorrow, you are going to be outside running for 3 + hours, some of you will take up to 6 hours. You will be getting more sun that you think out there and it’s ZERO fun finishing a marathon, getting in the shower and feeling burnt.

Sunglasses. I forgot mine at home and I’m bummed. Sunglasses are great not only for keeping the sun out of your eyes but to help block the wind and if you are like me –  keep your eyes from watering as bad.

Socks & Shoes. This is a given. I think I’m going with the Saucony Kinvara and either Saucony low cut socks or Saucony compression socks.


Questions? What will you be wearing tomorrow? Don’t forget throw away clothes to keep you warm at the start!!


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  1. I am always cold and usually overdress because I hate being cold!!!! I think the cold does a number on my muscles too!!! Looks like you are set to go!!!!! Good luck!!! I may do that race one year since it looks like we may be moving close to there…possibly in Dec! I am really looking into the DC RockNRoll!!!

  2. I’ve been debating this all day long. I went to walmart and bough a sweatshirt and sweatpants ($6 each) then stopped by the local thrift shop to do some price comparison and came across a Zella half zip running top with hood ($9). I never heard of Zella before and when I googled it, it ended up being a Nordstrom brand (score!). So I’m debating between my lululemon run tank and arm Warmers or my lululemun run tank under the Zella top–then just ditch the Zella top. But I’ll be wearing capris on my bottom with my injinji toe socks. I love capris because I don’t have to worry about chafing or anything riding up in places it shouldn’t be.

    After reading your post, I am thinking of just wearing my arm sleeves with my lulu top. And maybe just wearing my throwaway sweater the first mile and ditching it then. Then just definitely checking a bag full of warm clothes for the finish.

  3. I will be at mile 8.5 (Rock Creek Parkway turnaround) handing out candy corn to runners. Have a great race!

  4. Best of luck at the race! I love the idea of a tank + arm warmers. Such a great combination!

  5. Dorothy, if you’re still up and want a spare pare of sunglasses, I will gladly hand you a pair. I’ll be on the course just before Mile 2 (climb up Lee Hwy, lefthand side w/ yellow mini-lab dog dressed like a Turkey). They are Smith for riding/running.

  6. Those shorts look so comfortable! I really need to get some arm warmers too – great idea now that it’s getting chilly in Texas!

  7. This post was such a help for me! I was struggling to figure out what to wear for MCM and after I read this I eliminated a long sleeve shirt – boy am I glad I did! Thanks!

  8. I agonized over what to wear – long or short sleeves! I knew I was going with capris, but I ended up picking a short sleeve tee instead of long sleeves and I’m SO glad I did. I just layered up with a sweatshirt and hoodie and gloves and ditched them all within the first 3 miles. I would have been way too hot if I had gone with long sleeves!

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